Paper to Plants: How to Make a Stop Motion Trailer

Tinybopa Brooklyn-based studio building educational apps, asked Kelli Anderson to make a trailer for their app.  Inspired by the app’s original illustrations by Marie Caudry, Kelli and her partner, Daniel Dunnam, cut a forest entirely out of paper.  400 tiny leaves, 500 blades of grass, and 25 squirrels were just some of the elements required to produce this time consuming, 6000 photo project.  See how Kelli and Daniel turned out this trailer and know that if you exhibit a fraction of their dedication and patience in your own craft, you'll do just fine.  Inspiring work .

See the original trailer for Plants below.

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Video directed, shot, and edited by Jacob Krupnick
Featured artists: Kelli Anderson and Daniel Dunnam 
Music by Symbolized

via [Tinybop]

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That turned out great! I've worked on a few stop-motion animation projects and the effort involved can be overwhelming, so I can appreciate their hard work.

This is brilliant work, although watching it the last thing I thought about was an app you can download. :-)

I'd be curious to know how one goes about estimating how long a project like this will take to produce, and how you go about billing for it to make it financially worth your while, while also being affordable to a client.

Worth the effort, great job!