Photographer Helps Children with Cancer Live Their Dreams Through Fantasy Photography

Salt Lake City-based photographer Jonathan Diaz gifts young fighters of cancer with the experience of living their dreams. Through his, Anything Can Be Project, and with help from public donations/corporate sponsorship Jonathan is able to create elaborate sets and costumes to actualize the fantasies of kids that, more than anyone, deserve one magical day to forget their troubles.

OUR MISSION: To create lasting hope and awareness in the fight against pediatric cancer by taking the dreams of pediatric cancer patients and bringing them to life through the power of photography and art.  To inspire young cancer fighters to believe in the impossible to hope for miracles and find the courage to make their dreams come true.  To inspire others to recognize and cultivate their talents then use those talents to better our world and enrich the lives of others.


For more BTS footage from Jonathan's other shoots check out his YouTube channel here

via [People]

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Fritz Asuro's picture

And this is where art and creativity really pierces though your heart and soul.

don costanza's picture

Stunning...GREAT JOB!!

Elias Hardt's picture

Umm... "Thier Dreams"? Might want to check that title again...

Rex Larsen's picture

Very moving story with impressive photos for the children and their families.

Mark Spomer's picture

Well done Jonathan.