Photographer Von Wong Shows How You Can Prepare for Even the Most Ambitious Projects [Part 1]

If you've kept up with what goes on in the photography world or even in the conservationist realm, chances are that you've come across at least one of Benjamin Von Wong's projects. Von Wong has recently strung together a few transcending projects that focus on conservation, raising awareness on environmental issues, and how we can make the world a better place. One of his most recent projects is focused on raising awareness of plastic pollution in the world. In part one of this video series, he shares his mindset and the preparation that goes into one of his shoots.

As you can see in his behind-the-scenes piece, Von Wong plans to go above (10,000 plastic bottles worth) and beyond to accomplish his creative idea. The point I'd like to drive home in this article is how powerful building relationships with others is important for putting these kinds of projects together. Notice in multiple instances how Von Wong asked longtime friends or used social media as a resource to find people who were interested in coming together to achieve an ambitious idea.

Have you found social media useful in this regard? Share your thoughts on how it's worked for you.

Stay tuned for Von Wong's part two in the near future!

Images used with permission of Von Wong.

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