Shooting Winter Portraits Inside the Studio Space

Winter has officially started and everyone loves to shoot winter portraits. But what if you want to shoot snow and there isn't any in your location? Or what if it is too cold to head outside? Well, you can always bring the winter into your studio. Watch the video to find out how. 

This video comes from Adorama TV as Gavin Hoey takes us through his experience in shooting winter portraits inside his warm home studio. I love the way he keeps the engaging tone throughout the video. Coming to the context, it is pretty simple. He gets his basics right and the vision in place. The whole process is simple which you will eventually figure out when you watch the video. I wish to throw light upon three important elements which I inferred from the video and you should keep in mind too when making winter portraits in the studio.

1. Lighting 

Lighting is everything. It makes or breaks the mood. Every season has a tone of light. Talking about winter, there is this dreamy, hazy tone of light that will set the mood. In this video, Gavin uses a three light set up to perfectly create the scene. He also uses a cardboard with holes to create a lovely dappled pattern in the background. 

2. Elements

When it comes to studio portraits, the beauty lies in the details. When creating winter portraits, you have to pay attention to the different elements that will establish the winter mood in the viewer's mind. Here, Gavin uses artificial snow and a wooden fencing to set it up. Not to forget the costume of the model, which plays a key role. 

3. Experimentation 

This is the most important part. If you see the video, Gavin constantly experiments to bring out that perfect light, that perfect snow, and that perfect expression. You can improve only with practice. 

About the cameras and the post-processing settings, it is obvious in the video. But what is more important is the vision. Once you have a picture in mind, the excitement lies in executing it step by step and everything else falls into place. Watch the video to have a full run and get ready to make some creative winter portraits inside a studio space. 

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Haha! What's up? How have you been? Hopefully well!

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Doing great! Hope you're well too!

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Good stuff! Haven't tried this yet