Slow Motion Music Video Shot In One Take

The guys over at FROKOST FILM / FEIL FILM put together this awesome music video for While You Slept. Watch the behind the scenes video on how they shot this epic video in one take. The shot took 18 second to film, which translates into three and a half minutes in slow motion. "Havoc" was shot in one take at 300 fps using a Red Epic with a 75mm master prime. It takes a lot of comunication and planning to get this right, and the end result is quite impressive.

Watch the final result here

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Thomas Ingersoll is a internationally published photographer. He is an expert with strobes but loves to use natural light as well. Thomas has a very clean and polished look to his work. Being very well rounded with fashion, fitness, portraits, and action sports, he is always up to conquer any challenge.

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 Awesome concept...seeing the BTS really puts it into perspective.

Excellent video....the BTS was interesting but make sure you check out the finished edit...fascinating and quite enthralling. (really good music as well)


I didn't see anything about it being one take? It was a long take but not necessarily a one hit wonder? 

Incidentally this reminds me of a project I did last year ( where we had to track back from the actor at 300fps whilst keeping her all in focus as it rained "blood" on her! Definitely not 1 take!

What are you chatting about?! 

by one take.. they mean no cuts during the final video i'm thinking.. the "one" take that was final was the one take that was seen above in the final product, no cuts from other takes.

Yes, that's my point. In films this would be described as a long take rather than one take. 

Also check out the directors other videos on his vimeo channel! Cold Mailman - "Time is of the essence" is amazing!!!

Mesmerising...came back for a second watch.

18 seconds for the take... at 300 FPS, Final video length is 3:34. Disregarding any edits done to the video like black frames etc and then assuming the playback is at 24fps. I worked this out.

Ten Seconds, Begin Pulling to Balloon.Eleven Point Zero Two Seconds, Freeze Focus on Balloon.Eleven Point Two Four Seconds, Begin Pulling to Dancer.Eleven Point Five Six Seconds, Freeze Focus on Dancer.Eleven Point Six Two, Begin Pulling to Rear Free Runners.Eleven Point Seven Two, Follow Focus on Rear Free Runners.

I just... mind just cannot fathom... The skill in pull focusing... OMG. Obviously disregarding any post-edit slow downs or speed ups to sync it all up.

this is perfect. this is so technically impressive. 

I declare this to be art.