The Surreal Self-Portraiture of Marc Klaus

Marc Klaus is one artist who has a voice uniquely his own. He has used visuals and storytelling to create a meta-narrative; the video has no words but acts as a deeply insightful look into Klaus's process through clever camera work, in-camera collage, and performance art.

I have been following his work for several years now and in that time, he has really honed his voice to what it is now. Klaus brings a unique, experimental approach to his work, elevating household objects into surreal and haunting imagery. He is known for using fruit, paper, paint as well as clever uses of posing, camera angles, and unique perspectives to create images that are independent tableau. His work carries dark overtones, despite having very bright pops of color. In this video, Klaus uses ordinary “brown paper bag” paper with Picasso-esque drawings to create a social commentary on standing alone in a crowd. Titled “Against the Odds”, the video is a silent testament to finding a unique voice in a drowning sea of social media copies; but is also an extension of Klaus’s personal journey. He’s done this all on his own in his own space — really goes to show that you don’t need much to create something which has meaning and poignant to current events, but also more broadly.

Klaus truly has a voice and a point of view uniquely his own: I always look forward to seeing how he interprets this into his next image (or his next video). He is currently working on a future film which he has written as another layer to his art — and this is something I am very much looking forward to. I am continually fascinated by photographers who look inward and mirror their inner self into their art as this is similar to my own process.

Ali Choudhry's picture

Ali Choudhry is a photographer in Australia. His photographic practice aims to explore the relationship with the self, between the other, and the world. Through use of minimalist compositions and selective use of color and form he aims to invoke what he calls the "breath". He is currently working towards a BA (Honours) in Photography.

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Surreal . . . possibly the most over used and wrongly used word in the last few years. I heard someone the other day say 'Ya man, I had that new burger at ****. It tasted really surreal'

I don't get it

It looks like abstract crap coined as "art" to me.