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Ten Ways to Use Color Changing LED Lights

For quite some time one of the only way to get color effects was through gels. However, the pain of having to carry around these different gels may be a thing of the past. The staff over at B&H tested out the Luxli’s new Timpani for color changing effects in still and video photography. 

The Timpani is a a multi-color light that gives flexibility for shooting. The effects range from candlelight to explosions. It is essentially creating scenes with the variety of options in one unit. There is even an app for your phone allows you to use the controls right in the palm of your hand.  

The Timpani is not just for coloring to give the club scene effect that is common when you think of color gels. The color changing can also work for mood, clean key, shadow fill, and a variety of other looks. Movement such as windy, lighting and chase mode that changes temperature as the subject moves, are just a few of the options for the special effects. 

Color temperature ranges from 2,800 to 10,000 Kelvin with a beam angle of 78 degrees. It also comes with a V-mount battery plate to allow for cordless options. It carries a variety of  light modes including CCT, RGB, GEL, SFX, and more. Check out the video for the full breakdown of the Timpani to see how it can transform your postproduction time.

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Arun Hegden's picture

Great share. :)

JJ Casas's picture

Once this comes in a flexible mat format I’m in. I love the ability to fit a 2x2’, 1x3’ and a couple of 1x1’ Westcott Flex LEDs in my check-in suitcase. Not to mention the 4x4’ scrim and 4 lightstands for a complete lighting setup lol Requires assembly vs the yoke but it’s just so much easier to transport all of this in one suitcase.