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Two Hours of Gregory Heisler and the Story of his Photographic Life

I had the opportunity to hear Greg Heisler speak a few months ago about his book 50 Portraits. I hadn't even thought of it at the time but once it finished I immediately regretted not filming it for our readers here. As luck would have it he repeated a similar lecture in NYC Ilford, and they recorded it! Yes, two hours is a decent chunk of time to devote to watching this, but you need to.

It isn't very often that we get to hear a master photographer discuss their work/life in so much depth. Being able to watch it again pretty much made my day.

Also, if you haven't seen the book yet...find a copy and check it out.

Via Ilford Blog

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Bjoern Lubetzki's picture

Watched it 2 days ago and after the 2 hours I thought "Give me more!!!"

Sean Shimmel's picture

Gregory is always the Elder Statesman of portraiture.

He is also "The Shadow" of sorts...

I never, ever, ever actually get to watch him SHOOT (other than the casual/slapstick shootout in Dubai with Zach Arias and Joey Lawrence).

This is an excellent video, I'm sure. But the impatient, visual person in me simply wants to see him at work.

dripper68's picture

Thanks for sharing. Great video. Too bad the two girls in the front row seemed more interested in their cell phones, at various parts during this.

Gary Winchester Martin's picture

That was awesome. Who'd a thought Tommy Lee Jones was so unpleasant.

Graham Green's picture

I had the pleasure of seeing this talk in Kansas City last year. Great to be able to see it again, thanks so much for sharing.

David Geffin's picture

Great find, thanks for posting DB, this was fantastic.

Sean Mason's picture

He is certainly an accomplished photographer. I however did not appreciate his candid left leaning bias in his shots with George Bush and Newt Gingrich. He admitted to looking for the most gaudy backdrop and least flattering lighting set up for Gingrich. He was banned from the White House after his shot with Bush. He went to great care to make Michael Moore "look good".

Owain Shaw Photo's picture

Thanks for sharing, this was definitely two hours well spent. I really like the way he talks through his work in a way which isn't egocentric, and offers a lot to learn from his approach to things, problem solving and ideas. Pretty inspirational, actually.

Savi You's picture

I have his book, 50 Portraits. It's so inspirational and worth way more than the $25 I paid for it.