UK Photographer Takes You on a Wanderlust-Inspiring Hike Through Northwest England

Oftentimes, while tending to mundane household or business-related tasks, I glance out the window and say to myself, "It is way too beautiful a day out today for you to not go out and photograph something!" It's a wonderful sentiment that many shooters have, I'm certain. I wish I could say that it is with regularity that I throw my camera bag into the backseat and make some dust. I usually don't. 

With that said, the latest YouTube share and blog post by United Kingdom photographer Thomas Heaton makes me regret every time my fatigue (laziness) or day-to-day obligations became an excuse not to get off of my butt and to make images. Heaton takes on the task of an overnight hiking excursion -- which is a common theme you'll find if you subscribe to his YouTube channel -- with childlike enthusiasm and spontaneity. 

The impromptu hike through the hills of the English Lake District near Buttermere is a casual jaunt that shows the seasoned landscape shooter at his most comfortable: meandering through the wild in search of a captivating scene. The advice about hiking, gear, and execution are valuable in this video and throughout Heaton's channel and blog. However, this latest post serves as a reminder of the passion and fulfillment that should come with making photos. Heaton seems to clearly find a meditative place while on his adventures, and he'll leave you wanting the same. Which is a good thing. 

When is the last time you went out and got lost?

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Felix Wu's picture

Looks like a beautiful trip there. Really enjoyed watching the BTS.

Anders Brinckmeyer's picture

Thanks for the heads-up about Thomas. Great inspiration, images and personality!

Kyle Medina's picture

I was so glad to come across this gentleman. His videos really give you some motivation after a long work week.

Karl-Filip Karlsson's picture

Som peaceful! :)

Michel Nguyen's picture

there was a great scene behind him in the very first moment of the video!