Using Movement to Take Your Films to the Next Level

When making films, we experiment with different camera setups, locations, times, and various equipment to try to nail that scene exactly how we see it in our head. Lately though I have been experimenting a ton with movement. It really immerses you into a location and gives you the feeling of being there yourself. It also is great way to piece a story together seamlessly. Now when I saw one of my favorite filmmakers make a video this specific subject I knew I had to share it.

YouTuber and Director Matti Haapoja has built a huge platform and body of work through his passion to tell stories through films. In his latest video, he explains why he thinks movement is important in his films and why it’s a tool all of us should be using to tell our stories. After this he goes on to giving constructive criticism and advice to user submitted videos explaining what he did and didn’t like in their own creations. I think that getting true unbiased opinions on your work is one of the most helpful tools to grow as a creative and seeing someone with a platform of his size taking the time to do it. It’s truly a breath of fresh air. Check this video out, I guarantee you’ll learn something.

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