About to Start Selling Prints via Your Website? Don’t Make These Mistakes

With the COVID-19 lockdown in place across so much of the world, we photographers are catching up on admin and trying to figure out how to scrape any sort of income. If you don’t sell prints via your website, now’s probably a good time to get started, and this short video tells you how to avoid some basic mistakes.

With so many photographers turning to e-commence to try and make some money, we’re all stepping into a very crowded marketplace, but that’s no reason not to spend some time setting up print sales via your website. Even if you end up not selling anything during this crisis, you’ll have put the hours in and potentially created yourself a potential passive income that, once it’s set up, requires very little maintenance.

This short video from photographer Evan Ranft runs you through his experience of selling prints. We’re not all blessed with his social media presence, which obviously makes selling prints somewhat easier, but if you currently have some time on your hands, there’s not much to lose.

If you’ve not explored lab integration with your current portfolio website, now’s a good time. If you're a Squarespace customer like me, you'll notice that the lab integration is a bit fiddlier than other platforms, as every item has to be created individually. You may also have to upgrade from the Personal plan to the Business plan — a hike of around 50%.

If you’ve further suggestions on how to sell prints via your website, leave a comment below.

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