Canon Professional Services - The Best Tool for Photographers

Canon Professional Services - The Best Tool for Photographers

The Canon/Nikon debate is a Ford vs. Chevy debate for trucks, and a Coke vs. Pepsi debate for sodas. Both systems have their advantages, and their flaws (Come on Canon...make a 14-24mm already!). However, Canon, in my opinion, separates itself with one tool, the Canon Professional Services program.


What Is It?

If you own enough equipment from Canon, they’ll offer for you to join their professional services program. The program itself has 3 different tiers in which you can join, each with its own set of qualifications (that are fairly easy to meet). The tiers are broken down into Silver, Gold and Platinum.

It's pretty easy to join the program in the Silver entry level, however, the benefits really begin to hit at the Gold and Platinum membership levels. Because of this, I highly recommend going straight to the Gold level membership, as it includes all the the features within the CPS program.


The Features

I recently renewed my Gold membership at WPPI, so I received a new package from Canon as a result. Within the package I received from Canon, I got the following items.

CPS Camera Strap
The CPS Strap provided by Canon is a vast improvement over the straps included with their cameras. Unlike their standard strap, the CPS camera strap is padded, and the curve within the strap makes it very comfortable to wear. I, like many photographers, use a third party strap as it is, so this camera strap has no real use for me. But the straps, because of their quality, or some reason unknown to me, sell new on eBay for around $70-$75, which makes the $100 annual fee far more bearable.


Lens Caps
They're identical to what you'd receive if you bought a new camera body or lens from Canon. Moving on...


EF Lens Work Book
This book is wonderful for anyone who is interested in learning the ins and outs of Canon's lens lineup. Every lens that is currently in production is featured in the book, with bright visuals, and often, examples of each lenses capabilities. The book itself is hardcover, and over 200 pages explaining everything you'd want to know about the lenses Canon has available. Everything from the weight, to the coating used on the glass is covered in this book. Also, if this book has no use for you, it can easily be sold on eBay for $15-$25, though I'd recommend holding on to it as a coffee table book.


Clean and Check Cards
One of the more valuable things within the packet you receive is the Clean and Check cards. These allow you to send your lenses or camera body into Canon to be professionally cleaned and serviced. The last time I had this done, Canon provided my camera with a new focusing screen, free of charge. This service is great, as its professionally done (instead of a simple blast from a rocket blower) and often costs upwards of a hundred dollars if done at a Canon retailer. Also, Canon often offers free cleaning of your equipment at different photography expos throughout the year to CPS members.


20% off Canon Workshops and Seminars
Personally, I've never used this feature within the CPS services, however I have no doubt that it is useful. Canon sponsors some of the best photographers in the world, who all offer their guidance within the CPS online portal. Classes are often cheap, and the 20% off just further cuts the cost of that.


CPS Pin & Membership  Card
Eh, just throw this stuff in the trash, as I assume you probably won't use it anyway.


Equipment Evaluation Loan
This is perhaps the best tool within the CPS program. Canon will lend you Camera bodies, Lenses, Flashes or whatever you'd need free of charge (minus shipping and handling). This is exceptionally useful if you often find yourself renting equipment from online vendors, as they'll have deadlines for returning, and will charge you extra for long term rentals. However, its worth noting that while Canon does offer this service for free, there are limits to the equipment you can borrow, and the time you can borrow it for. (Sorry video guys, no 1D-C's for you). A full list of potential rentals is available by clicking here.


Discounted & Rush Repairs
Another useful tool for CPS members is the discounted and rush repairs. Nikon, often takes weeks for specialty fixes on their camera gear, and do not offer a service that provides a timeline for returns. With Canon CPS, they are able to guarantee a 3 day turn around (for Gold members, 2 Days for Platinum members) with a discount of 30%-60% of the cost. Aside from this wonderful service, Canon also offers loaners for the time that you're without a camera.


How to Enroll

Canon Professional Services is incredibly simple to enroll in. If you've been registering your gear with Canon, enrollment will take only seconds. In order to be eligible for Gold or Platinum memberships, you must reach an allocated amount of points for the equipment you have registered. Pro cameras range from 4-10 points, and lenses range from 2-8. Personally, I've been able to reach 56 points, which is nearly triple the amount needed in order to obtain Gold membership, so reaching 20 should not be much of a problem. To enroll into the program simply click here.

Upon registering, Canon will send you your packet of information, usually within 3 business days. This will include everything you see above, as well as rush shipping labels, in case you do need to send some of your equipment in for repairs.



Sony, Pentax, and Olympus offer a program similar to this, however my experience with them is nonexistent (Thank you to Jason from the comments for the find). Nikon offers a program called Nikon Professional Services, but shares virtually no information on the program via their website. If you do shoot Canon, I believe Canon Professional Services is a must have program to be enrolled in. Between the repairs, equipment loans and the beautiful camera strap, CPS has shown appreciation towards its photographers that is unrivaled by their competition.



PSA : I'm not endorsed, sponsored or paid by Canon in anyway whatsoever. I simply learned that some Canon photographers were still unaware of the CPS program during WPPI, and decided to write this article about it to inform others.

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Zach Sutton's picture

Thank you. I'll edit the post to reflect that.

LOL! You actually called him a troll, and don't even apologize when he shows you're the one trolling. What a dick.


"Show me evidence that says Sony Pentax and Olympus has a similar service then... If you cannot find that evidence, then take your trolling elsewhere."

"By the way...

Sony Professional Service program...

Pentax professional services...

Olympus world professional services...

Do your own fact checking next time..."

lololol oh your journalism fails, this isn't called journalism anymore is it? It's nekkid couch reporting at it's finest.

The funniest fucking thing about this entire escapade, is all you had to do was type in your same exact terms for Canon - BLANK PROFESSIONAL SERVICES, and I found every single one of these too. FIRST LINKS IN GOOGLE.

L O L'd

Expert Troll Zack, maybe next time you can claim Canon just released the highest resolution DSLR with their brand new 800D.

I think he needs a disclaimer at the front of all his articles now...

Warning: may not be factually accurate, or wildly misstated from the truth.

LOL what a terrible counter argument. They need to provide nothing to you. They didn't ask you to write this article. If you're writing an article about professional services, then as a journalist, it's your duty to do proper research (Something you failed at miserably).

I actually took journalism classes and this was one of the first things I learned. I guess that's not a requirement for blogging.

"I've looked through their website, and it says nothing on what Nikon
features through its professional services. People have corrected me,
but with not credible sources..."

Because that's YOUR JOB. hahahaha the irony. the readers won't find me accurate sources! So I won't report on it! Woe is me! If only I did that BEFORE I posted my ENTIRE factually inaccurate article!

Lol! :D

May I ask...are you blind or what?

To get to Canon CPS, you go to professional imaging products and then you find a small button "professional services". I takes you to the Canon CPS.

Think about that logic for a moment...Now, go to Nikon USA site. Go to Services and Support and there you find "Professional services". You can't say that Nikon professional services are a mystery. That's just stupid way to try to save your own text where a lot of things are wrong!

This whole text is just pure fanboy thing. Since you didn't get any money for this (to be honest, this sounds bought review...especially when you clearly deny that you didn't get any money of this.), this is just pure fanboy style.

Also, by the other comments that you've sent in this comments area, you try to protect yourself by telling that "they didn't tell me." Of course they don't tell you since you don't use their gear or even search for the other services by other companies! It's like Audi is telling you "This is the way we can fix your Audi" and you own a Mercedes!

And by the way, try to find something about Canon CPS from Canon's UK site ( I didn't find a word of Canon CPS from Canon Finland and Canon UK site. When I went to Nikon Finland and Nikon UK site, I clicked the "Pro" and tadaa, I'm there. So...dare to whine about how hard is to find something about Nikon's professional services.

I've used NPS in Canada a few times and it's pretty good. I would agree it's similar to Canon's program (repair discounts, loaners, etc). Shipping is free through my local camera store. The repair discount is not as good as Canon's gold program though .. for older lenses that would be handy. The camera strap is a nice touch by Canon though.

I'm a NPS member and I got a nice little 8gig zip drive as a gift and all of my clean/repairs have been back to me in less than 7 days. They also told me I would buy the new 800mm before the general public..thanks Nikon. Is NPS needed? No. Is it useful? Sure. Is there a secret handshake? Maybe.

Geoff Lister's picture

Canon provides significantly shittier service to professionals, period. Nikon has more locations and faster turnaround. They do loaners when you drop your gear off (which you can do because they don't service everything in one place) and are excellent at major events. Oh, and it's free.

It's one of the few things that will probably drag me to the dark side one day. Canon needs to get its head on straight if it wants to maintain its lead in the professional market.

You're wrong. Period.

Question. How do you mail in your cameras/lenses to either CPS or NPS? I've heard lots of horror stories about photographers getting their gear "lost" i.e. stolen through UPS/FedEx. I'm a little freaked out to send in my gear. Thanks for your advice.

It's kind of a shame, the Canadian CPS program doesn't have a free level, only gold and platinum.



You failed to mention OS v. Windows, Ginger v. Maryann, mayonnaise v. Miracle Whip, Yankees v. Redsox, IOS v. Android and taste great v. less filling.

OMG the heat and hate here lol. Chill out men.

Neil van Niekerk's picture

I rarely use NPS now that I've been shooting Nikon for about 4 years.

When I shot Canon, I could just about drive blindfolded to 100 Jamesburg Road, I had to send in equipment for repairs and calibration that often.

So, sure, CPS has a faster turn-around time .. you're going to need it.

richardsonad's picture

My only beef with CPS is that their list of who should be allowed to PAY for membership only includes people with the newest gear. According to them, my shooting NFL, NCAA, MLB, MLS, and so on, is not legit enough to receive their "professional service" because I do it with 1D3's and non-IS telephotos. Never mind that all I want repaired is my 70-200 IS or 5D2, I'll need to buy more new crap to qualify as the uber special platinum member.

That's legit bs.

Adidas King's picture

Every nikon shooter knows about NPS. Atleast everyone that I know I have heard good things about CPS from Canon shoters so this is a good article for them. It is obvious you're a Canon shooter though, because your bias regarding them is very evident in the article.

Zach we all make mistakes and it's good that you take the time to respond to people here. However I think that - even if you marked the article as opinion - you need to get your facts straight. If you were just talking to some friends about this that would've been fine but FStoppers is a huge website that gets loads of visitors. All it would've taken is to ask some fellow professional photographers about professional service for NIkon, Sony, Olympus users etc, or just a Google search. Please maintain a high standard in your articles, it's why I come to FStoppers in the first place, prove me right :)

Zach Sutton's picture

Hey Bram,
Here is how I look at it. The post begins with information regarding Canon. Before even clicking on the article, its absolutely no secret whatsoever that this post is about Canon, and not Nikon. The very first word in the title is Canon, in fact.

It is also no secret that I'm a Canon photographer. I've been shooting with Canon professionally for over 7 years now, and have never used another brand of equipment. Because of this, I'm simply unfamiliar with Nikon, Sony, Pentax, or Olympus' services. At the end of the article, I have presented links to those programs, however I'm unable to provide much more information, and frankly, shouldn't have this is a post about CPS, as stated in the title, first paragraph, and each paragraph afterwards.

Where I was meant to express unbiased information, I did so. And when I expressed my opinion, I presented it as so.

The goal of this article is pretty simple. I'm aiming to inform those who may be interested in CPS, and may otherwise not be familiar with it. Everything leading up to this point suggests that as my purpose. And if one person has made the jump into the program, and is happy with that decision, then I've done my job.

If someone more familiar with the Nikon/Sony etc etc programs, and would like to write an article about those services, then I encourage them to do so. However, I'm not the person qualified to do that, as I have no personal experiences with those services.

"I'm simply unfamiliar with Nikon, Sony, Pentax, or Olympus' services"

It's at that point, that you have no f**king idea what you're talking about, when you don't open your mouth about those things. (aka- write an article in complete, willful ignorance).

Zach I understand the focus on Canon and that's perfectly fine, but it would've been way better to just not talk about any of the other programs then if you're unfamiliar with them. It's that simple statement that Nikon etc don't offer similar services that's gotten a lot of people frustrated. It's plain not true, matter of fact checking. Lesson learnt: don't write stuff you're not sure is right, especially when it concerns rather big claims.

Paul Vincent's picture

Nikon do suck in after sales. Even in pricing. But already invested so much so If I will change gears ill start with Canon 1Dx. Below is how much I already invested on Nikon. Except for the Sigma 35mm 1.4 and 10-22mm. And they still treat me like crap.

It's a shame CPS doesn't extend to the amateur photographer, i.e. shooting weddings on weekend etc etc. I have 40 points and I can't get a membership. =(

MrSamx AtWork's picture

In france we do not have all that kit. we just have the tiny peace for cleaning, the book and the card. unfortunatly.

MrSamx AtWork's picture

i'm gold which is not a bad level i guess.

Eduardus Lee's picture

CPS Repair turnaround "Pro Standard", or how they know it in the Netherlands:

- Losing the lens twice (we did not receive it/we already sent it back)
- 12 weeks
- Returning it with defective AF and IS
- Another 7 weeks

I very much like the concept of CPS and I love Canon camera's. However I am not the only one in the Netherlands that thinks that the service of Canon, including Gold and Platinum, is total crap.

THAT'S AWESOME... if you live in the U.S.

Brands need to realize that the whole world isn't concentrated in the United States.

Brian Reese's picture

Hey Zach... Don't write anything for the rest of the week and watch all these people bitch about that too. Never fails.

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