Creative and Authentic Is the New Trend for 2018 Stock Photography

Creative and Authentic Is the New Trend for 2018 Stock Photography

Stock photography companies are tallying their data from the last few years to predict what imagery trends will flourish in 2018, what they've predicted is fantastic news for us all. A mixture of creativity and authenticity are expected to dominate the new year's biggest image trends. It is so important for artists to stay on top of these trends as to not slip through the cracks, it's especially important this year because these trends are very different.

This telling article provides crucial insight for any photographers and graphic artists to give clients exactly what they need to stand out to consumers. Anyone who is creating promotional content for companies, businesses or themselves will benefit from these 2018 predictions. This year's trends are different than those of the last fifty years says because people are aspiring to be happier, more carefree and full of life explains TJ Leonard, the CEO of StoryBlocks. Adobe also shares their findings with six different beautiful style categories expected to resonate with viewers the most next year. 

I was thrilled to read that these trends are all about every day positivity and inspiration, cultural and individual acceptance as well as valuing beauty and our connections with imagery and the world around us. In this time of uncertainty in our society, it's our job to give people hope through the images they view hundreds of times a day.

[Via Digital Trends]

Lead image: Pexels

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J Maloney's picture

Interesting article Gabrielle. However, as a long time stock shooter and former Getty photographer, I suggest you add the balance needed to flesh this out. As professionals we do not care what the future trends are. The current ROI on stock photo production has been at a negative level for years. Prices have raced to the basement and royalty rates have been reduced to critically low levels Getty owns the majority of the market and still drops prices in a desperate bid to keep cash flow moving. That is not good for photographers or stock agencies. It is no longer economically viable to shoot images on spec for stock photo agencies. These tantalizing tales of earning money through stock are simply not true. The promise of "increased demand" from internet needs has absolutely not resulted in stable pricing or more revenue to photographers. Check out any stock forum online. Talk to former shooters like myself. Please don't buy into the stock photo pot of gold without doing some research.

Mark leedom's picture

Do you reckon it will get to a point where photographers won't even bother to post on stock websites like Getty because they'd get less than peanuts then Getty has nothing new to sell so it implodes and dies then gives birth to an era of stocks sites that do pay very well because the market understands the value of the images they want instantly. And most importantly an educated market that understand that its real people who take these photos and don't magically appear from Kodak trees.One day I hope :)

Gabrielle Colton's picture

Thank you for the good input!

Gabrielle Colton's picture

Thank you for your input! I will definitely do this next time to broaden the information.