Five Real Tips to Get Clients

There are so many misleading articles out there sharing how you can make money from photography. Hopefully these tested tips to get clients will help to point you in the right direction. 

Being a professional photographer is a stressful career path to take. Constantly trying to find the right clients for you can become exhausting. And then when you finally do find them, you will end up with more than you can service, but the fear that if you don't do it all now, that it may not come around again!

When I was starting out in photography I was constantly reading articles and watching videos about how to make money from photography. I tried them all, from stock photography to selling prints. The thing is, none of it worked. It took me about 6 years until I finally got traction, and I would say a decade until things really started to work in a way that I was happy with. 

From portfolios to making enough time to get your work done, most of the tips in this video will seem like common sense. The big thing that you need to do, is stick at them. There are no quick fixes for overnight success. Consistency and quality of work will always win. And I think this is true for almost every profession. Going to networking events now and then will have no impact, but being there every single week for 3 years will mean that you are the first person they think of when they need photographic skills. 

Quick fixes and sales strategies sell well online, but unfortunately don't work. If you want to get more clients then you really do need to build from the ground up with a solid portfolio and good networking skills. 

What are your biggest tips for getting more clients?

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Food Photographer from the UK. Not at all tech savvy and knows very little about gear news and rumours.

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