Five Tips for Building Your Photography or Videography Brand

Creating a good brand is a tricky and subtle thing, and most of us don't have the benefit of a marketing team at our beck and call. Luckily, there's this helpful video to get you on the right path to having a stronger and more recognizable brand.

Coming to you from Kris Truini, this video is aimed at filmmakers, but should be just as helpful for photographers. Branding is so important, as it separates you from being a photographer in your area to being "the photographer." For me, the most salient tip was having a good story for the why of your brand that you can lead with as opposed to a straight pitch that immediately sounds like the veritable din we're subjected to on the daily. I know that my "you're trying to sell me something" radar goes off pretty quickly when I detect a pitch, but I'm more easily disarmed if I feel somewhat invested in a story related to the product (geez, I really am a consumer lemming, aren't I?). But anyway, a good brand is your identity as a business, so it's very important to put some careful thought into yours. 

[via No Film School]

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