How Did We Create Our Intro And Outro Logo Animations?

Patrick and I shoot and edit all of our videos but we had to hire someone to do the animation work (our intro and outro logos). That someone was Dan Dawley of Swell Motion Graphics. It took me about 2 months and about 30 terrible animators until I finally found Dan. He works fast (each animation in a matter of hours) and his prices were more than fair. Since he has worked for us we have become good friends and he actually came out to CO with us to help with the Dave Lehl snowboard video. If you need any motion graphics he is your man. His show reel is below and his newly launched website is

Swell 2010 Showreel from on Vimeo.

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Some great animation, pro work. Amazing works

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

Nice work dan, it flows so well.

Outstanding Work. Thanks for info.

This guy is insanely creative! Awesome work!!!

almost makes me want to give up my social life, so i'd have the time to learn after effects.

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Manuel Mauer's picture

The video is private. How can I access it?