How to Successfully Move Your Photography Business When Switching States

How to Successfully Move Your Photography Business When Switching States

When your personal life takes you into a new location, whether a few states over or even out of the country, your business does not have to suffer. Photographer Jonna Royer has a few tips to help smooth the transition and get you up and running faster. 

Her first suggestion and probably the most known is to research the area. The market you had previously may not work in your new location. "My business thrived mostly off Google when I was in PA. When I arrived in Florida, I discovered that most clients are received through networking groups" Royer wrote. 

Joining  the Chamber of Commerce can help get your name out there as well in this new location. Asking every business owner that you meet what groups they are involved in is another way to spread the word of who you are and the services you offer. Joining a charity and network on your own is important as well. 

She suggests getting two to three brand ambassadors within this new location that are within 1-2 hours driving distance. She writes that no one in this new location may know who you are even if you have an impressive portfolio. "Hold a competition for your ambassadors and do some paid social media ads. People love a free photo shoot, so you’ve already gotten their attention with that. After the competition is over, let your ambassadors do the work by bragging about your skills" she wrote. 

Other tips to get your business back up and running is to send press releases prior to the move to local media announcing your business arrival. Outsourcing to experienced writers does not have to cost much for a small writeup. Many of the local areas have free publications that are constantly looking for material. 

Joining several local Facebook groups announcing your business in the areas is another solid idea. She suggests looking for hair and makeup artists as well. Hire the artist to do your own makeup (if this is a service your company will be providing) so you can get first hand knowledge of their skills. You will also have the time in their chair to talk about your company and what you are looking for in an artist. Not only will this help you find the right person, it will also give the artist a chance to talk about your business to others as well if you leave them with business cards and literature. 

The next tip is a little difficult for those of us who ae the shy or introvert types however it is important to get out there an talk to as many people as you can. Strickling up conversations with those at a yoga class or cross-fit. Always remember to keep your brochures or pens everywhere you go in this new location to make an impact on getting your name out there. 

"Do something to your car that people will notice. One of my makeup artists has her car fully wrapped in hot pink with her face on it. People delight in taking selfies with it when they see it out and tagging her on Instagram" Royer wrote.  She herself admits is a little more subtle, but has a vanity plate that reads SHY VXN and a silver bling plate border. Ths is a conversation starter and she can explain all about her business just by someone asking one simple question. 

Even with all that, know that you are not going to hit the ground running on day one. Royer says even after a month of being there she still had not even unpacked her lights.

There are so much more to moving she could not wrap her head around it she admits. Her best advice for this part is to cut yourself a break. It will happen it just takes time and patience. However it also takes a certain degree of dedication so keep marketing and your business will be up and running. 

All images with permission and courtesy of Jonna Royer

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JT is known throughout the International Boudoir Photography Industry and the region for her unique approach to Fine Art Photography. Her underwater work as JT Aqua is ethereal based and conceptual. She is an educator, writer and currently teaching workshops for underwater and boudoir.

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I recently moved from East coast Australia to the west, slightly further than east to west in the US, my biggest tip is make contact with as many people as you can before you move. I setup meetings for when I arrived and got work straight away :)