Learn About Marketing Tactics with Clay Cook's Livestream Tuesday Afternoon

Learn About Marketing Tactics with Clay Cook's Livestream Tuesday Afternoon

World-renowned photographer Clay Cook decided to bring Christmas a bit early by hosting a livestream on the topic of marketing for photographers. Cook is an editorial and advertising photographer who works very heavily in the commercial space shooting editorial portraiture. Cook has worked with a myriad of national brands and celebrities throughout his career and is poised to offer great advice to any budding photography looking to begin a career in any commercial photography market.

Earlier this year, Cook also partnered with Fstoppers to release a digital course covering commercial and advertising photography. This week's livestream, hosted by the Creatr platform, will be live at 4 PM EST December 19 and can be watched either directly at Creatr or through the embedded content below.

During the stream, Cook will be covering many of the marketing strategies he used in order to make his own career a success. Don't miss a great opportunity to learn how to better market yourself and stand out in the incredibly competitive space of commercial photography.

If you would like to learn more about Cook, head over to his website to take a look at his impressive portfolio or follow him on Instagram or Twitter. Cook also has an educational YouTube channel where you can learn more about what he does and even check out some behind-the-scenes fun from his photoshoot with Jennifer Lawrence. If you enjoy the livestream, be sure to grab a copy of Clay Cook's Fashion and Editorial Photography digital course from the Fstoppers store.

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Clay Cook is a talented guy, probably very friendly. "World-renowned" ? Is this opinion or based on reporting ?

World-renowned merely implies that an individual's talent and skill is respected and recognized around the world. The platform for the recognition can very, it doesn't have to specifically be celebrity fame. Cook's volume of high-quality work with high profile clients while also being a respected educator in a variety of countries meets that criteria.

The term, however, is certainly very open to both interpretation and subjectivity. A great photographer to one audience may be an inept one to another audience. The same is true here. There is no objective measurement for "world-renowned."

I wouldn't worry about it too much though, if you disagree with my assigning him such a description no big deal either way.

Like I asked, opinion or reporting ? There is a difference. The world is a big place. An experienced editor will call you out on several of your comments. I know what "world-renowned" means so I challenged you on that. I like Fstoppers a lot and consider myself a fan and frequent visitor. The website has become successful enough to embrace and welcome experienced editors and editorial standards. The AP style book is a good resource worth considering. Words matter.

It's opinion. This isn't a news site, it's "an online community aimed at educating and inspiring photographers, videographers, and creative professionals".

I enjoyed the live stream and appreciate learning about it here. Thanks, Ryan