A Map Tracking Live Global Creative Production Status

A Map Tracking Live Global Creative Production Status

We all want out. We want to get working. Our clients are calling, and we want to get back at it. Genero, a global agency connecting creatives with projects has launched a map to help you plan when and where you could start working. 

The map makes it possible to share this information with a client incase they need some convincing. We'll need this type of data to navigate the future of creative work, and it makes it a little easier to imagine ourselves working again, on set or not.

The information is also consistently being updated, and gives an overview of the current situation in the country. For example, In the U.S., it differs from state to state, but generally it is allowed to arrange small scale studio productions with limited cast and crew. In France post production services are possible, but the restrictions are maintained until the 11th of May, and home-studio productions are also possible. The use of gloves and masks are common practice. 

Are you a photographer who moves around for work? How are you adapting or planning to start working again?

And, if you become a member, you could even pitch for some jobs on Genero's creative project platform. The budgets look good and the projects are of big brands. 

You can view the live map by going here

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Jon Kellett's picture

Nitpicking perhaps, but the information may be misleading.

Example - For New Zealand it states that "mandatory isolation is in place until 11 May". That's incorrect. Mandatory isolation is in place until at least the 11th. The govt will decide @ 16:00 on the 11th if they will move to a less restrictive level and when that will happen.