Six Ways to Make Money on YouTube

Even though Instagram seems to be the more interesting platform for photographers, YouTube is not one to forget. It offers a ton of possibilities to showcase our work and even make money out of it. If part of your business is education, Google’s video service should definitely be part of your marketing and business plan. Matti from TravelFeels gives us a few tips on how to turn it from a hobby to a money making platform.

Matti has grown his YouTube channel quite well over the course of 2017 and managed to turn it into his primary income within six months, so there’s definitely something to take from him when it comes to making money from social media platform, especially YouTube. If you plan on launching your own education business, create videos for fun, or perhaps just make your already existing content more profitable, the video above is definitely made for you.

Don’t believe for a second that AdSense is the only way to make money from YouTube. It’s actually the smallest income source for most YouTubers. There are tons of different ways to generate an income from your online videos and Matti will give you six methods he’s used successfully. If you want to try and make a living out of YouTube, be sure to watch this video.

[via TravelFeels]

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Patrick Hall's picture

For those who don't watch the video, keep in mind, you make about $1000 per 1 million views on Youtube. Unless each of your videos is getting a million views in a quick period of time, don't expect to make a ton of money from Youtube.

Wes Jones's picture

As an old guy, it boggles my mind that folks in their 20s can become millionaires via YouTube.