Some More Helpful Steps to Becoming a Better Photographer

There's quite a bit more to becoming a successful photographer than simply learning to use a camera proficiently. This great video talks about some more useful steps you can take to give yourself a better chance of being successful.

Coming to you from Joel Grimes, this helpful video gives some more tips for becoming a successful photographer. If you missed the first video in this series, you can check it out here. As Grimes puts it: "yes, you need to learn how to take pictures to become a good photographer, but more importantly, you need to learn how to get work." A lot of new photographers tend to invest all their time and energy into becoming more proficient at shooting and editing, and while those are of course crucial abilities to develop, many tend to overlook the importance of developing savvy business acumen and of devoting time to creating and nurturing relationships with clients. This part of the equation is just as important as your technical abilities (and in some cases, perhaps even more important). Check out the video above for more tips to help you be more successful. 

Lead image by Anton Gofman, used under Creative Commons.

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