Stop Neglecting Your SEO and Get Yourself to the Front Page of Google

Does the thought of SEO produce in you a mixture of fear and confusion? It's time to stop putting it on the back burner and get your photography website noticed on the front page of Google with these SEO tips.

Corey Potter is somewhat of an SEO Guru. I first heard about him through a fantastic podcast from Andrew Hellmich called "PhotobizXposed." I was impressed with how he explained SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies specifically for photographers in an uncomplicated and practical way.

To be honest, SEO is one thing that I have struggled with. It's not that it's super difficult, but it is something that you have to be so consistent with, and I am more of a sporadic, think about it every other month kind of girl. That's why I found this video so refreshing, because even though the tips here are geared towards beginners, there are some great reminders that everyone can use, and it may just be the kick in the pants that you need to rev up your SEO game.

In this video, Corey speaks with Raymond Hatfield with The Beginner Photography Podcast about the basics of SEO and how to optimize your web presence in order to boost yourself closer to the front page of Google. It takes time, persistence, and a solid effort to get this done; there are no shortcuts.

Potter is a former wedding photographer who currently specializes in providing SEO services for photographers, so you'll want to hear what he has to say about such subjects alt text, keywords, and blogging as they pertain to your photography business.

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yanpekar's picture

Interesting subject but could not watch more than a minute. You could record it in a better location; it really is not inspiring to see your bedroom in the background.

scarmack's picture

What does it matter???? If the content is good, the content is good. Sounds like you just want something to complain about.

yanpekar's picture

Hello Sean. If it is good for you and if you have a spare hour to watch someone's bedroom, then it is fine for you. You have your opinion. I have mine; which is what I expressed. If you are looking for someone to start a fight with, I would suggest to look somewhere else. Have a great day. All the best.

scarmack's picture

Not starting a fight, no where did I call you a name or anything of the sort. I'm sorry it came across that way snowflake.

Corey Potter's picture

This is actually a pretty old episode of the Beginner Photography Podcast. It is primarily a podcast with a video version released on YouTube just in case people don't want to consume through a regular podcast player. I know this article featured it as a YouTube video, but just offering some context. Also, Raymond has really stepped it up recently and has a really nice studio setup for his interviews.

Either way, if you're interested in the content, just listen. It is a podcast interview, not an interactive speaking engagement. It really isn't meant to inspire you with an amazing location, but to give some practical tips for beginning photographers who want to improve their SEO.

Since this article, I've already spoken with Raymond about a follow up call, and with Jenny about a more in depth article! Hopefully one of those will be more "inspiring" for you if you're still interested in the topic.

yanpekar's picture

Thank you, appreciate your efforts. I am interested in getting better in SEO, however I can't afford spending an hour on podcast. For such subject as SEO, for me (I can't speak for all people) it works better when I see it visually, with examples, rather than listening. Not sure how one can improve on SEO by listening, without being able to see examples of how to implement it on pages. Maybe it is one thing you may consider on improving - showing visual content rather than asking people to spend an hour listening to a podcast trying to hear useful information amongst minutes of chatting.

Corey Potter's picture

I actually have many blog posts and tutorials about SEO for photographers. Search for Fuel Your Photos and check out the guide I have on my website ( Tons of actionable advice there. But SEO isn't all about following tutorials and implementing tactics, sometimes you also need to spend time learning the underlying concepts. A podcast is usually consumed in the car or at the gym, and you can also listen at 1.5 or 2x speed. I don't think time is your issue (you have time to leave comments on Fstoppers articles), and if SEO is important to you it is something you'll need to spend far more than an hour learning.

I do appreciate the feedback, and I don't think this particular video is the best place to start. It was really created for a specific audience (the one that already follows Raymond's podcast). Take a look at some of the info on my website (Fuel Your Photos) and even join the Facebook group to get in on conversations about SEO every day.

yanpekar's picture

I do not deny the fact that to learn something I have to invest time. This is obvious. I am looking for straight to the point learning materials; podcasts (from what I tried) maybe contain 10-20% of valuable info, and the rest is a less valuable or zero value chat I do not have time to listen to. As SEO strategies are implemented on a web site (for example), I do not think that podcasts is the best way of learning SEO. It is a bit of a strange advice to listen to podcasts while driving, as it may result in an accident. Not something I would recommend to a client if you care about their safety.

Lars Daniel Terkelsen's picture

I am interested in improving my SEO, but wow! You have to skip more than 10 minutes before they ANYTHING happens. And at that time, I conclude that these guys are probably going to spend an hour talking about stuff that can be delivered in 5 minutes. I'm out.

Corey Potter's picture

Sorry guys, sometimes that is how podcast interviews go. This particular interview is meant to be for beginners, and there are some great tips contained in the interview. Yes it takes a while to get into them, and this might not be the best video for someone who just came across an article about improving your SEO. However, I do have many other resources available on the Fuel Your Photos website, and also in the Facebook group (apparently the links got edited out of this final article). I'd love to see you there!

Laurent Bourrelly's picture

Guys, maybe I should write you some posts about SEO.
I'm a SEO since 2004 and first thing I do when I read something about SEO is check the author website.
Simple, this one has 0 keyword ranked in Google.
How can someone who can't do SEO write something about SEO?