What to Include in Your Portfolio: A Mini Tutorial

If you want to get paid for your photography, it goes without saying that you need to put together a great portfolio showcasing your best work. That's a universally accepted given. But what works best for each photographer depends on a lot of factors, such as digital or hard copy? Or both? Most would agree with the latter. New York Fashion Photographer Alexi Lubomirski offers up some good tips that even seasoned professionals may find useful in this mini tutorial.

As with many aspects of this business, there is no one way to assemble your portfolio. Subject matter and who you are targeting play a role in what should be carefully chosen to go into your portfolio. Digital and hard copy versions should complement each other and not simply be duplicates. 


Lubomirski makes a good point in this video that applies to more experienced professionals as well: revisit and update your portfolio as your career progresses and you refine the genre and type of work you want to do. He also learned from talking to creative directors at magazines and ad agencies, who offered him the best advice he's been given on what to include in your portfolio. Have a look at this easy-to-watch mini-tutorial to learn more. 

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Alexi's Youtube channel is well worth keeping an eye on. He knows his stuff, posts some really useful information and does so in a lighthearted, humorous manner.

Most of ordinary customers still believe in size of the (online) portfolio.

Great post, Love the short direct humor of your video. I will keep your ideas in mine as I grow into my portfolio. I will also keep an eye out for your youtube channel in the future.

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So what if i don't have a personality?