What is Your ‘Photographer Type’ and Why Does it Matter?

What is Your ‘Photographer Type’ and Why Does it Matter?

As photographers, we’re a diverse bunch — this crazy industry is home to an array of different personalities. But many of us fall into specific patterns of behavior that affect the success of our businesses.

These behavioral patterns are uniquely shaped by our personalities, our likes and dislikes, and our strengths and weaknesses. A "photographer type" is the sum of all these parts and reveals how you handle the day to day running of your business.

But why does your photographer type matter? We’ve outlined four key reasons that explain why you should understand your business personality.

Focus on Our Weaknesses

Do you know where your weaknesses as a business owner lie? Perhaps you do, but seeing them written in black and white forces you to confront them. Personality quizzes present a balanced picture of both your strengths and weaknesses, helping you identify areas of concern.

Learn How to Harness Your Strengths

As essential as it is to grow from your weaknesses, it’s equally important to leverage your strengths. In the age of social media, it’s impossible not to compare yourself and your business to every other photographer out there. Constant comparison can make it hard to remember where your strengths are. By understanding what makes you great at what you do, you can find ways to profit from the things you are already good at.

Identify Opportunities for Growth

An industry-specific quiz should help spark ideas for both immediate and long-term improvements. It’s not enough to know your strengths and weaknesses — you need a plan. Actionable opportunities for growth are a great way to give you the jump on your competition and help you build a profitable business.

Gain Confidence as a Business Owner

Never underestimate the amount of confidence knowledge gives you. Know your strengths and weaknesses, then identify a plan of action that works to your advantage. You can go about growing your businesses secure in the knowledge that it is the perfect plan to suit you.

After years in the industry, and talking to thousands of photographers, Pixellu have developed their own ‘Photographer Type’ personality test. They surveyed hundreds of photographers to gain insight into their businesses and to gather advice, finding similarities among the most successful.

Whether you’re The Artist, The Hustler, The Businessperson, The Perfectionist, or The Storyteller you can gain valuable insights into how your likes, dislikes, and personality traits are affecting your business, and what you could be doing to profit from your strengths.

Take the Pixellu "Photographer Type" Quiz here.

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Jeff Walsh's picture

I took the test and found out I can save 30% on album printing, thus I conclude that giving a throw away email at the end was best since the entire thing is a click through ad for selling print albums

Tony Northrup's picture

You have to give them your email address and sign up for their mailing list to get your result (boo)

Duane Klipping's picture

I signed up under an email i won't have but a few days longer. Seriously though I normally would not give them my email to view unscientific results of a few multiple choice questions..

Robb Armstrong's picture

It doesn't have to be a VALID email address. I find you can bypass a lot of these with ".comb".

Owain Shaw's picture

Stylists really should start using the .comb domains more.

C Fisher's picture

The classic x@x.com works, but the quiz is so lame I wouldn't even bother, sub buzzfeed standards.

Waleed Alzuhair's picture

I noticed the quiz focuses on commercial photographers, with clients.. What if I'm just a hobbyist?

Jeff Walsh's picture

the entire thing is nothing more than an ad for discount albums

Ed C's picture

I'm the kind that doesn't take online quizzes. What it says about me is I don't classify myself so why would I take some random quiz.

Matt Burt's picture

This quiz is BS

Will Rogers's picture

I gave up after the first 2 questions.

The first one was basically 3 types of portrait photography or "Other" and the 2nd question yet again focused on portraits.

I'm glad I gave up and read the rest of the comments saying it is basically spam for photo books.

Ziggy Stardust's picture

Q2 didn't have an option for me.