Why Photographers Should Collaborate More

By virtue of the process, photography can be a rather solitary thing. And while there's nothing wrong with working alone, there are many benefits to collaborating with others. This great video examines why you should consider working on a team for some of your shoots.

Coming to you from Francisco Joel Hernandez, this video examines the benefits of working together with other professionals instead of trying to balance everything that goes into a shoot by yourself. Of the three reasons Hernandez gives, I think the most important is the value of networking. For example, a makeup artist is likely to have a vastly distinct group of associated professionals, and by collaborating with them, you're expanding your network to a group of people you likely would have never associated with otherwise (and vice versa). In a business where word of mouth is so crucial, having your name as widespread as possible only serves to be a benefit to your professional success. I'm endlessly amazed to learn of all the seemingly random locations from where a lot of my business inquiries originate, and if anything, it's taught me that constantly expanding one's network is so important to thriving in photography. 

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