Phase One to Introduce Automated Frame Averaging With Raw Output

Phase One to Introduce Automated Frame Averaging With Raw Output

Phase One has announced a few new tricks coming to their IQ4 camera system including a way for the sensor to combine multiple readouts into one raw image, yielding more detail.

The company is calling this function Automated Frame Averaging and it will be part of the first IQ4 Infinity Platform enhancement coming next week. Phase One claims that Automated Frame Averaging will “reduce noise, strengthen dynamic range, and protect highlights.” It works by combining a sequential series of images taken off the sensor and then combining them all into a single raw file. “This process is expected to raise the bar by which image quality is measured, and open new creative opportunities,” Phase One stated.

Other features to be included in the Creative Control Package include the ability to create custom Capture One Styles and import them into the IQ4 system, direct image transfer from the IQ4 to Capture One, Clarity and HDR tools for Capture One Inside, more SD storage options such as the ability to capture directly to SD and use SD as a storage overflow, and a Zone Tool overlay mask for evaluating exposure.

For more details, visit the Phase One website.

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Arthur Morgan's picture

Just what I do with my trusty Pentax K-3 ii using Lightroom and Photoshop, but I bet that the results will be far better.

Jon The Baptist's picture

Curious if how it works with strobes and if sync speeds are affected. For example, OMD E-M1 mk2 and E-M1X sync speeds reduce to 1/50th when using strobes in conjunction with their multishot modes.

The S1/R doesn't even support strobes at all when using its multishot..

Andrew Eaton's picture

sync speed is down to using a leaf shutter lens or not, so most of the Phase One SK Blue ring lenses will give you a flash sync speed of 1/1600 sec