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Photo Series Shows How the Media Can Manipulate Reality Using Different Lenses

This photo series reveals how easily it is for the media to manipulate perspective with different lenses, in particular when reporting on social distancing during the current pandemic. By placing images side-by-side, the pictures show how, with the right angles, people respecting the rules can be made to appear as if huddled together.

In-Depth Travel Photography Critique From a Professional Travel Photographer

To be a great travel photographer it requires more than just the ability to capture pretty photo — in fact, sometimes the photos don't have to be pretty at all. This is a long video, so grab a coffee/tea/beer, and prepare to absorb some quality knowledge from a professional travel and documentary photography.

Drone Disguised as Hummingbird Captures Incredible Footage of Monarch Butterfly Swarm

It's not very often that I watch a video online and react by literally gasping and audibly saying "wow." Watching Captain America stare down Thanos and his whole army, in an IMAX cinema, on a huge screen, was the last time I reacted in such a way. This time, even without the huge screen, resolution, and quality, this video is simply incredible.

The Psychological Benefits of Post-Mortem Photography

Death photography was, at one time, a popular way of preserving a memory of a loved one who has passed. This video discusses the history of it, and suggests that it can still play a role in modern society as a way to cope with grief.

Snowy Street Photography: Quarantine Relief

Isolation can be catching up to many of us during this time. While some artists are in colder climates, others are in humid areas, but both are experiencing cabin fever. Photography Benjamin Lee takes us on a little photography journey to make us feel as if we are on the outside doing what we do best: photographing life.

What's in a White House Photographer's Camera Bag?

For eight years, photographer Pete Souza had my dream job, photographing the president of the United States and being on the front line of the biggest news stories of our time. In his latest IGTV post, Souza talks about some of the gear he used to capture his iconic images.

How Focusing on Storytelling Can Improve Your Photography

While strolling aimlessly along downtown streets this weekend, doing a bit of photography just for fun, I was reminded of one of the reasons I fell in love with photography in the first place. I was also reminded that this simple reason still provides benefits, both professionally and personally.

The Sony World Photo Awards Has Lost Its Credibility as a Competition

When the Sony World Photography Awards (WPA) suddenly decided to remove photographs of Hong Kong protests from its website, it destroyed its credibility as a competition. If the decisions of the judges are being edited to avoid upsetting the Chinese government, how is this not censorship?

The Curse of a Good Relationship in Photography

Most of the time, photography relies on good relationships. They make the business run smoother and ease the shooting. In some areas of photography, smooth jobs are not the best, though.

Here Are the 100 Photos That Defined the Past Decade

As photographers, we have the power to change the world through our images. As the decade comes to a close, CNN takes a look back at the 100 photos that defined the last decade in our ever-changing world.

Adorama Unearthed: A Photography Series that Captures the American Rockies

The best parts of landscape photography is a mix of the planning and adventure to travel to and explore a new destination all while photographing the beauty of the area that you’re in. In this new series from Adorama, you have the opportunity to take a trip through the American Rockies with three photographers as they traverse some of the most beautiful and least seen lakes and mountains in the USA.

Artist Captures Video Portrait of Daughter Once a Week for 20 Years

A Dutch artist has created a video documenting twenty years by taking a short video of his daughter once a week for twenty years. That adds up to 1040 different clips that combine to make an amazing piece that might leave you needing some tissue.

Documentary Photographer Daniel Milnor Breaks Down One of His Images

A core value in being able analyze, interpret, or critique a photograph is the knowledge gained which can then be applied to your photography. Furthermore, applying those same observations in an honest way to your own images is a powerful tool for creative growth.

Instagram Deleted Three Accounts From the Same Guy and Put His Dream Lifestyle on Hold

Instagram is the most popular platform for photographers to display their work and reach an audience. If you know how, you can even turn it into a business and make a living off it. Imagine now, you wake up and Instagram has deleted all your family photos, favorite memories, connections, friends, and portfolio work?

Would You Photograph a Funeral?

Wedding photography is obviously big business for lots of professional photographers, but over on Reddit, Shian Bang (u/shian243) talks about something a little different: his first experiences as a funeral photographer.

Legendary Photographer, Robert Frank, Dies at 94

When I discovered Robert Frank’s work it fundamentally altered my perception of what, and how much, photography could mean. Mr. Frank passed away Monday in Mabou, Nova Scotia at the age of 94.

A to Z of Photography: X-Trans Sensor and Xiaoxiao Xu

With the letter X we move on to looking at Fuji's highly regarded X-Trans sensor which is very different from nearly all the sensors in other digital cameras, before looking at the work of contemporary Chinese photographer Xiaoxiao Xu.

An Evening with Jay Maisel as Jay Myself

Are you like me? Do you look for entertainment with some elements related to photography and is more than merely "behind the scenes" or "how to type" of videos? Something that provides a different insight into photography and the photographers who create world-class images? If so then perhaps, or maybe not, the documentary "Jay Myself" is for you.

Shooting Birth for the First Time: What I Learned

Documenting births is definitely not the type of photography that suits each and every one of us, but for those who are interested, here are a few things I learned from shooting it.

Shoot as if Your Free Time Were a Documentary

During our free time, we often tend to hunt for the big shots and the most impressive images. To become better photographers, we also need to develop our view for the little stories on our path.

The Daily Grind of a Freelance Photographer

Taking a peek into the daily routine of a professional, photographer or otherwise, can produce some interesting sights. Every photographer’s professional life is unique, yet most of us face similar daily challenges and strive for similar successes.

We Speak to the Photographer Documenting Love Stories of Couples and Families Impacted by the Global Refugee Crisis

One photographer recently travelled to both Turkey and Mexico to document the global refugee crisis in pictures, a series that went on to earn him a win at the World Press Photo Awards. We spoke with the man himself to uncover more details about the inspiring love stories of couples and families who have been forced to flee their native countries in search of a better life.

A Unique Photography Journey Between Father and Son

National Geographic photographer Aaron Huey explored a different perspective on photography when he traveled with his four-year-old son. Seeing the same journey through his sons eyes opened Huey up to the differences in how adults and children see the world.