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How Often Do SD Cards Really Fail?

There's been enough dissections on how Canon and Nikon shot themselves in their respective feet by releasing mirrorless systems with only single card slots. Trust Tony and Chelsea Northrup, though, to spice things up a bit with some scientific analysis.

Holy Crap! The Crew of RocketJump Aim to Make 8 of the Best Shorts on the Internet

So I get this message from Chelsey, "Kenn I know how much you love these guys!" with a link to a trailer for a new series, to premiere exclusively on Hulu. And as usual, Chelsey wasn't wrong. I do love these guys. Who other than the fantastically spirited and dedicated crew of RocketJump would attempt to make (and chronicle the creation of!) eight of the best shorts on the Internet. You'll be able to watch a new short every Wednesday, starting December 2.

The Easiest Photo Edit That You've Never Considered

As photographers we like to believe that everything we shoot is flawless straight out of the camera. The truth is that, most of the time, each of us spends more time and effort editing our work than actually shooting it. We will completely change the color or the crop of an image without thinking twice. Why then don't we at least consider one of the easiest way to completely change an image; the "horizontal flip."

How Would You Describe Your Relationship with Your Bag?

Our gear is a major investment, and what we use to carry and protect it – our bags and cases – say a lot about us as photographers. I have collected quite a few bags over the years, but I find myself returning to the same one when getting ready for a shoot. My mainstay organizes all of my usual suspects, from my camera to my lenses and memory cards, in just the right way. My equipment, including my bag, has joined me on all of my exploits. My bag of choice isn’t just protection and security for my gear; it’s practically a partner in crime. So we wondered... what about your bag makes it your partner?

Ignorant, Offensive or Over-Sensitive?

I live just a few miles outside of New York City, so when 911 happened, my world was rocked harder than most in the world. After getting my daily dose of hate mail this week about taking pictures at the 911 Memorial at Liberty State Park in Jersey City, I thought I'd write about it.

Reader Poll: How Do You Feel About Canon's f/4 IS Lenses?

There has been significant chatter on both the Fstoppers staff and in the general comments we've been hearing and reading regarding Canon's move to introduce slower lens iterations, but with image stabilization, of their older faster glass. We've heard arguments on both sides of the table, but we're curious: what do you think?