Holy Crap! The Crew of RocketJump Aim to Make 8 of the Best Shorts on the Internet

So I get this message from Chelsey, "Kenn I know how much you love these guys!" with a link to a trailer for a new series, to premiere exclusively on Hulu. And as usual, Chelsey wasn't wrong. I do love these guys. Who other than the fantastically spirited and dedicated crew of RocketJump would attempt to make (and chronicle the creation of!) eight of the best shorts on the Internet. You'll be able to watch a new short every Wednesday, starting December 2.

OK, saying that they will be the eight best shorts on the Internet is a little tongue in cheek but there is little doubt that they will kick ass. What's going to be even cooler is how they plan to document the entire process to fill all of our educational and entertainment needs.

In the mean time we may be able to get showrunner Ben Waller, short writer/director/actor and “Adventure Time” writer Ashly Burch or Freddie Wong on the line for the the inside scoop on what to expect. Let's pretend for a moment that you have a say. Vote for one of the these three amazing human beings and we'll see if we can make it happen.

RocketJump fans can get a free week of Hulu, with no commercials. And eventually you'll also be able to find the series (after each episode airs), right here on RocketJump.

Keep up with the crew on TwitterFacebook, and Snapchat under "rocket_jump"

[via RocketJump]

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Ralph Hightower's picture

This looks awesome! I can't wait to see the show!