Gigi Hadid Goes Behind the Camera for V Magazine Feature

Gigi Hadid Goes Behind the Camera for V Magazine Feature

Supermodel Gigi Hadid has become the latest high-profile celebrity commissioned to shoot for an international fashion feature. Following in the recent footsteps of Kendal Jenner and Brooklyn Beckham, the V Magazine Special Edition is made of backstage Polaroids taken by Hadid, laid out in collages alongside handwritten notes.

V Magazine Editor-in-Chief Stephen Gan commissioned the piece himself, and whilst there may be some groaning from the editorial photographer community that it is unjust for a supermodel with very little experience behind the camera to be given a front page feature, I'd like to make a counter argument in favor of such work.

Hadid's access to intimate photoshoots with some of the most prominent characters in the fashion industry is matched by few. This is an alternative perspective that would certainly garner interest. Whilst the use of Polaroid film may seem flippant and garish, an observation of the industry could be garnered by the very selection of the camera.

The feature is thoughtfully presented by combining several Polaroids of the same scene and subject in a collage format along with personal notes made by Hadid.

Popularity is not an accurate gauge of artistic merit, but before viewing The Gigi Journal Part One with your critical photographer hat on, keep in mind this is in the context of a fickle fashion industry in which relationships are established and built within cliques.

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Carlos Garcia's picture

Just because a celebrity snapped a picture of another celebrity, that doesn't make it a tasteful image for mass publication. Just like anyone can crack an egg in a skillet, it doesn't mean you're gonna get an omelette.

V Magazine has shown it's true colors by saying that their magazine is best left up to the models taking the images instead of the professional photographers that once made their magazine. This publication should just step aside and let the models do their job as well. Who knows, maybe they can do it better just because they're a 'celebrity'? I can already predict that the next craze will be 'child of Will Smith does photo spread in our next issue', and, 'Kanye's brood to shoot fashion week cover'.

Because, that is the theory and basis of this "high-profile celebrity commissioned shoot". Not because Gigi Hadid is qualified to do this "international fashion feature" but, because she's a celebrity. The celebrity model behind the camera has become more important than the subjects in front of the camera. The skillet has become more important than the omellete.

This absurd stunt to sell magazines in the fashion editorial industry has reached Spinal Tap levels, and they don't even know it yet. We, the professional photo community, are laughing at you,...not with you.

Michael Yearout's picture

I couldn't agree more Carlos.