How to Shoot Comercial Product Shots on a Budget

Commercial product photography and videography is a lot easier than it may seem.

Indy Mogul is known for their indie budget-friendly tips and tricks to creating great looking footage be it inspiration, interviewing professionals, or in this video's case, walking us through a video shoot. While this video is concentrating on product videography, the lighting principles for light placement, size, and angle all apply to both video and photo. 

Two things I like about this video are, first of all, while they bring in a high-end product videographer, they use a relatively cheap Canon 6D Mk II instead of some crazy cinema rig, reminding us that you don't need anything particularly fancy in order to get great images. 

The other thing I adore from this video is its emphasis on just playing around with the lighting. Yes, there are some specific lighting techniques that they use but they play around a lot, something I feel we need more of in our photography: play. Set something up and then try playing around with it by adding smoke, or a gel, or turning lights off and on and seeing the effect you get.

If this sort of video interests you, we sell a tutorial on getting high end product shots here on our own store: The Hero Shot

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sten hartman's picture

Save budget by using one m(sry had to be that guy just once).

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I see what you did their

Alex Yakimov's picture

Thank you David for bringing that interesting topic on.
From the starters, good studio with enough space and a black wall could be a bit of luxury in itself. MF camera with a close enough focusing distance could compensate a bit for smaller space. There is always a catch, I afraid. The intended result is never good, cheap and fast at the same time.
My 5c.

Robert Smith's picture

ComMercial has 2 Ms.

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