Zack Arias sits down with CJ

I was just chatting with some people from Atlanta about which photographer to feature for the next FS video and Zack Arias seemed to be the hands down favorite. Well Chase Jarvis beat us to it so I'll pass this along to you. I have no idea how you can have a 2 hour video on youtube but if you have time to watch this check it out; they cover quite a bit of interesting topics that are sure to help you with your own photography and business. Enjoy

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Thank you for sharing this great info, always love to listen to guys like these talking about their stories.
There's just one slight flaw, Zack's (not Zach) page is linked into nirvana ;)

Regards, Yannick

I do believe his web address is, thought i would throw that out there for you guys ;)

@1:39:00, I make my internet debut. Haha.

Zack Arias was on Creative Live last week end : 3 days of free workshop in Seattle and live on streaming, that was very, very interesting. That's why he is with Chase Jarvis in this video. You can learn more about Creative Live at this url :

Last weekend I saw all 3 days of zack's live workshop on CreativeLive. That was pretty cool, I learned a lot about studio lighting. He also did a short interview with CJ...

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Zack is so very humble through the whole thing...Chase is less humble but at least he's straight forward with his stuff, very cool interview.