Combining Creativity and Lighting in Commercial Product Photography

If you’d like to improve your knowledge and skills in product photography, then check out this video tutorial from Karl Taylor. There’s a great breakdown of the lighting and the reasons for the decisions he made during the shoot.
This product shot from Karl Taylor really caught my eye as an interesting image. I found myself looking at it and trying to figure out which parts were composite and which parts were created using practical effects. I’ve always liked the way that Karl explains things and the way that he keeps his YouTube videos to a nicely digestible length. In a little over nine minutes, Karl explains what he set out to achieve, how they set up the props, shows a step-by-step lighting diagram, and talks about the composite elements.

If you’re interested in improving your product photography or looking to create something similar, this video will be a great starting point. I’ll definitely be taking some tips from this video, particularly the use of gold reflectors behind the glass products.

Let me know what you think of these techniques or any other methods you’d use to get similar results.

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Brad Wendes is a British photographer and travel lover.
He began photographing parkour and acrobatics in 2010 and has since taken to portraiture and fitness photography.
Brad is a self-confessed geek, Star Wars fan, tech enthusiast, cat lover and recently converted Apple Fanboy.

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