Combining Strangers' Photos to Create Digital Art

Combining Strangers' Photos to Create Digital Art

Turns out you don't always need to be an amazing photographer to create photographic art. I came across graphic designer Bashar Hjooj's work on Instagram, where he combines two to three photographs shot by complete strangers to create art full of imagination with his own take. 

Hjooj, a Palestinian-born graphic designer, began creating his art works through sheer curiosity of, "What if?" and by using his imagination to foresee the finished image, which is a skill in itself. After researching and observing various photographs, he'd ask himself, "What if there was more to just that photo. What if there could be an underlying idea or if I could tell a short story from a photograph with no words, just an image?"

Hjooj points out that attention to detail is a must when using "one of the most complex and challenging methods of graphic design," as is the ability to creatively combine the photographs together, by having the final image thought through. His inspiration for creating graphic design art derives from his love of writing poetry and from his favorite films and music. Obtaining images from sources that permit free usage, Hjooj used a large variety of different types of photographs that initially may not seem so straightforward to combine.

Digital art of a butterfly on a bridge.

Digital art of a woman swimming in a light bulb.

Digital art of a medusa swimming in the sky.

Using these projects for his own enjoyment more than anything else, Hjooj advises other artists to get out of their comfort zone and to be brave and adventurous because "life is short. Why not leave your mark if not for others for ones own self?" Currently, this is merely something that brings happiness and fulfillment, but Hjooj doesn't deny that he dreams of becoming an internationally well-known digital artist one day.

Perhaps you have an image that you'd like Hjooj to create something interesting with? Check out all his other pieces on his Instagram page.

Images used with the permission of Bashar Hjooj. 

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It's a fun project, made even better by his use only of freely-usable images.

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That's more original than that other artist (thief) who takes photos from Instagram, scribbles some words on the photo, prints it large scale and sells it for 10 of thousand dollars.