Create a Cyberpunk Scene on Photoshop

Cyberpunk is very "in" at the moment. With the impending release of the video game and the rise of Synthwave music, a lot of cyberpunk art is being created.

At the beginning of the year, I was contacted by Synthwave musician Megan McDuffee, who commissioned me to create some cyberpunk composites for her new marketing campaign.

In this video walkthrough, I discuss all the steps I went through to get to the final image. We start with a stock image from Adobe stock, building up the atmosphere and setting the tone for things to come. I then begin to add extra elements to the background, including neon signs with a glow.

We then move onto bringing the main elements like the futuristic vehicle and the singer herself. Like most of my work, you will see that I use curves mostly to change the tone and to color match. Curves are one of Photoshop's most powerful tools, so try to learn them if possible. Once the elements are all in place it is in then onto some final styling and coloring. We then finish the image with some overlays which add some nice style and realism.

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Amelia Wysocki's picture

Darn toot'n! I love Cyberpunk.