Patrick Gosling's Playstation Composite

Patrick Gosling was faced with a problem: how do you create an image with more cars than you have available on set? This timelapse video proves that a little creative thinking can go a long way in creating an complex image without complex lighting. Here is what Patrick told us about the shoot:

"This was a 3 camera shoot; 2 Canon EOS 1DS fixed for the time lapse and a 3rd camera for the main shoot. The lights were Profoto Acute B lights. The biggest problem with the shoot was not having enough cars, so I elected to do a multiple composite shoot. The cars were aligned by eye with the 2 furthest rows first then bringing them forward. They needed to be staggered not to overlap any.

The light on the day was very flat, so we had to light the road in front of each car as we shot it to create a ping off the track. Then all the shots were joined together in post, all the number plates on the cars had to be changed and the sun visor strip added to enhance the PlayStation branding."

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Playstation GT Academy photoshoot from Patrick Gosling on Vimeo.

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