Recreating The Back To The Future Delorean Time Travel Scene On A Budget

If you follow any of my work, you know I am a sucker for anything Back To The Future. I even recreated my own BTTF image using a real DeLorean awhile back, so I HAD to share this video. The guys over at Shanks FX have created another inventive tutorial on how you can create your own time travel scene on a budget using a DSLR, simple time lapse software, a toy DeLorean, and some LED lights. Think you may want to try something like this at home?

According to Joey Shanks:

"One of the last shots of the film was me trying to animate our mini-van doing the time slice technique. It took me 4 full days to get 27 frames with about 8-14 exposures for each frame. Not sure if I have the strength to finish it. It was a lot harder then I thought. No maybe if I was animating a real DeLorean, my energy and interest would spark up again!"

The stop motion was created using software. You can go to their website and download a free trial. If I had more time, I would definitely try something like this with my friend's real life Back To The Future DeLorean. I mean, who wouldn't?

I have to commend PBS's Shanks FX for always coming up with ideas for how to create home grown low budget special effects. I highly recommend you catch out more of their videos like the ones below.

How to recreate Ghostbusters proton streams:


Star Trek teleporting effect:

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