Watch This Amazing GoPro Joyride That’s Part Animation Part GoPro Footage

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The Line is a collective of directors that specialize in short films. In their most recent video they combine candid video footage with some carefree hipster animated characters. Watch "Amaro and Walden’s Joyride" as they tear up the streets of London.

The majority of the footage is captured using GoPro cameras mounted to a set of two identical RC cars with posable camera mounts attached. A third car without any mounts was used for the wide-angle shots and was captured with a Canon 5D on some motion controlled tracks. After a week of constant shooting, the footage was then handed off to animation and postproduction. Here they used the candid footage to build a storyline with Amaro and Waldren reacting and interacting to the world around them. Because the majority of the footage was unplanned footage of people reacting to an RC car, they had to work in a backwards manner in order to mold the story and the character's reactions to form with the footage that was captured.

For more information and a look at some behind-the-scenes footage you can take a look at The Line's website.

[via The Line on Vimeo]

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What did I just watch

haha that seems to be the general reaction. I thought it was pretty cool though!

....and what did I just hear?!

Was I supposed to play that backwards?... are were those Satanic verses on normal forward?!

Well it certainly was creative ;>{}

Can you explain their camera setup? I'm confused about "possible mounts", and how they shot video with a 5D.

I just checked out the behind-the-scenes page and see that it should have read "posable mounts." Probably makes more sense that way, huh? It looks like the 5D was used to shoot the third, no-mount RC car for wide shots — the Canon was never mounted to a car if that's what you were wondering.
Edit: Oh, I think you mean since the original 5D doesn't do video?

Yeah, even after checking out the BTS, I'm not sure where they even used the 5D.

The first time I watched it was on my phone, while I ate lunch. Kinda ho-hum. When I watched it on the monitor in my home office, with full surround and a sub, it was a much different experience.

Also... good thing I decided to watch this all the way through, because I was going to jum the gun and send it to my sister with the note, "the boys are gonna love this!" My nephews happen to be 6 and 8, and my sister has a nasty "right hook" as a southpaw(!)

Would this happen to qualify for a NSFW stamp of approval for us adults on our free-time?

I would say definitely NSFW. Luckily, I have a very laid back boss, because he walked up and looked over my shoulder just in time to see a cartoon masturbating in porno shop.

I'm not a prude, but jeez... a little warning would have been nice.

Definitely NSFW. These things need to come tagged.

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Please explain why GoPro needs to make a cheaper camera and that simple market economics is not working for you. You seem to have found the right camera for your budget and your usage(?).

Love it, very creative, isn't that Suggs of Madness outside bar at 1.26

There were some funny clips ending with a recreation of the Thelma and Louise ending.