Congrats to The Winner of our ONA Bag Giveaway: @lingerfree

Congrats to The Winner of our ONA Bag Giveaway: @lingerfree

Our contest has ended, and the winner of their choice of ONA bag is Elyse Frelinger, Twitter handle @lingerfree! Congratulations! Elyse gets her choice of either the Palma or the Brixton bag from ONA.

Original Post:

Last week, we announced that ONA released two slick looking bags: the Brixton for males and the Palma for females. ONA has been generous enough to offer up one of these bags to all of our readers, and you have until midnight tomorrow to enter to win one! Don't miss out!

Entering is simple.

1) You have to have a Twitter account.
2) Make sure you're following both Fstoppers and ONA.
2) Tweet the following message:
Follow @fstoppers and @ONAbags, and retweet this message to win a Leather Brixton or Palma bag: #winanONA

That's it! The contest is live from November 15 - November 22, 2012. We will stop taking entries at midnight on the 22nd eastern time. Expect us to announce the winner by early the week of the 26th.

Good luck!

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Sweet! Love this bag! 

This bag is badass!!  Wouldn't pay 400 bucks for it (I could get a nice thinktank for that) but I'd love to win it! =)

It's weird, I posted the message on twitter, but I don't appear in the #winanONA Search, can someone confirm I'm visible ?

That is weird. I don't see you on it either. Maybe it will show up eventually? 

 Well let's hope so :) I've waited 3 hours it didn't show up, now reposted it, still no luck, so I sent a message to support. Fingers crossed, this messenger bag does look very good !

 Well it doesn't seem to work, I hope I will be included in the contest anyway :|

 So I got a answer back from twitter support here is what they say:

"There are several reasons why your Tweets may not be showing up in Twitter search.1) If search terms are imprecise, your Tweets may have low relevancy to search results, meaning they might not show in the results. Some Tweets do not get indexed right away for searches, and have trouble showing up. We are working on this. 2) If your account is new, it may take several days to be indexed and thus to appear in Twitter search results. 3) Due to resource constraints, we may be unable to index all Tweets."

This happened to me too, since I have a new twitter account. If we don't get indexed does that mean we can't enter this contest?

Your retweet wasn't a quote, it will be posted the same time as the original post.

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Thanks for the contests!  That's a mighty fine bag.

Great looking forward to this is it the person with the most retwets who wins

No, it's just a drawing from those who tweeted it.

SS Dal's picture

Gorgeous gorgeous bag! Thanks for the chance to win it. xx

San (Twitter follower @SS_Dal)

james taylor's picture

god i want win once in my life