Miggo: Camera Strap That Morphs Into a Camera Case

Miggo: Camera Strap That Morphs Into a Camera Case

Here at Fstoppers we featured many types and brands of camera straps and camera bags in the past. Now it's time to feature a product named Miggo that aims to combine the two: a camera strap that becomes a camera case when you're done shooting. This is could be a great solution for people who like to carry their camera as is, without carrying additional bags and more equipment.

Miggo's price-point is very attractive, and for $35 you can get your Miggo strap/case. The Miggo comes in 7 different designs and colors you can choose from (see below), and in 2 different sizes: DSLR (Small and Medium sizes) and Mirrorless. The strap is not designed to work with pocket cameras or big cameras such as the Nikon D4S.

This is not a strap for when you go on a job, but it's great for everyday use, when you go out and want to have your camera with you just in case. It's perfect for amateurs or people who are just taking photos for fun and have a basic camera setup.

"miggo is a padded camera strap or grip that carries your camera comfortably. Done shooting? Simply wrap miggo around your camera to get great protection without the need to carry bulky camera bag. Just slip miggo to your personal bag and off you go.

We discovered that more and more people were leaving their cameras at home because they couldn’t bother lugging around their bulky camera bags, in addition to their personal bag.

We designed miggo so it can carry your camera inside your personal bag – that same bag that goes everywhere with you. Together with miggo, your personal bag provides superior protection to your camera without the need for schlepping along another special camera bag"


If you're interested in getting the strap, you have 5 days left to get it on their Kickstarter page. The price of the strap will increase once the kickstarter campaign is over.

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Fritz Asuro's picture

I don't know. This looks like a gimmick to me. There's nothing wrong on trying to merge a bag and a strap but obviously this product can only host small consumer DSLRs, Mirrorless and compacts where you could simply get a small bag/top loader or something like Blackrapid's SNAP series for a good price.
As a strap, it looks "unconventional" and too wide (IMHO, it's not gonna be a fashion thing). As a bag/cover, it looks like a sandwich wrapped in a napkin and also I'm thinking that this might be prone to accidents where you unwrapped it too hasty that your camera might end up falling or crashing to the floor or wall.

Hey I think this would be a great Idea for people with consumer Cams like Canon t3i who just have the one stock lens and don't really know anything about photography..

"Don't really know anything about photography"

That's pretty patronizing.

I was a pro for fifteen years, and thought that this would be great for vacation when I am not going to take more than one lens and will throw the camera in my suitcase, or stuff it somewhere in between bags in the trunk. Come to think of it, this would be great for the consumer DSLR I make sure I always have under the seat as a "just in case" camera.

But then again, maybe I "don't really know anything about photography".

You obviously have no idea what you're talking about.

Vincent Morretino's picture

Oh hey, it's a camera snuggie.

I didn't get the references to "personal bag" as separate from my camera bag. This might be a regional thing -- where I live (Texas), we don't carry "personal bags", unless you count a woman's purse.

Or it might be a car culture vs. public transport culture thing. I suppose without a car, I might start carrying a "personal bag".

But as it stands, the camera bag would be the only thing I'd carry around, so there would be no need for this item.

I live in rural/small town Texas, as well, but I have also lived in pedestrian cities round the world, and you hit the nail on the head. In car culture, your "personal bag" is called a car. If you are on foot, a backpack or messenger bag is an absolute necessity.

It's all starting to make sense now. :-)

(In response to Jim Johnson, whose comment hasn't yet been approved for some reason.)

A cool concept, but it's a pretty unattractive case/strap. That's just my opinion, but hey, to each their own!