[Contest] Win A Lowepro Backpack And Peter Hurley's DVD On Facebook

Fstoppers.com is completely revamping how we do contests. Starting this month, we are going to be doing at least four contests a month. It's a tall order, but we are going to do our best. You already know about our Forum Contest, and to that we are adding two Facebook contests.

For the first contest, the folks over at Lowepro offered a generous prize: The Photo Sport AW 200. This bag was honored with the 2011 Popular Photography POP Award for being an Outstanding Photography Product, so of course you want one!

Entering is easy:

1) Like us on Facebook. You can find our page at facebook.com/thefstoppers.

2) Find the "Contest" tab under our profile photo.

3) Answer the one question by November 30, 2011.

4) You're one step closer to taking off on your own photographic adventure. With the Photo Sport AW 200, there really is no place you and your camera can't go.

See the Photo Sport in action:

The second is a Facebook Group contest. We have a great group that is growing and full of photographers who share their work. Just upload a before and after image of anything you Photoshopped and tag Fstoppers in the image. Make sure your before and after are together in one photo so we don't lose any of the entries. Lee will choose his favorite of the entries and the winner gets a Peter Hurley DVD!

That's a pair of great prizes, so head over to Facebook right now and enter. You have until the end of the month (November 30) to be eligible for both contests.

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Lee Morris's picture

I'll go ahead and answer the question before it gets asked; The main footage of me speaking was filmed on a 50mm 1.2 at 1.2. Good luck everyone!

Patrick Hall's picture

why do you have crazy acne on the preview?

It's humbling. 

thanks for this contest!

Cameron Gardner's picture

how do you know if entering was successful? I keep getting a page that says request for permisson hit the login button, but there's no login button on the page.

Try a different browser. If you are still having problems, let me know and I'll check it for your email address.

Cameron Gardner's picture

Thanks that worked!

Lee Morris's picture

We have to approve everyone who wants to join our group manually so it may take us a while to get to your request, especially if we are sleeping. 

Patrick Hall's picture

Just bug Jaron because everyone else with FS is on the east coast....sleepy time :)

How many entries can we submit for the BEFORE/AFTER?

Lee Morris's picture

as many as you like for this one

is it only photoshop? how about other software?

Lee Morris's picture

That's fine

romain vernede's picture

You're getting better and better in each new video Lee

Lee Morris's picture


Josh Hanna's picture

I wasn't able to get your tag to come up on the picture...but was able to tag you in a comment on the picture.  Will that work?

Lee Morris's picture

Ya we are looking into this... The tagging may not work for you guys for some reason. 

Morgan Moller's picture

How long does the group approval usually take? Great idea though...

It usually won't take more than one 12 hour cycle. If Lee and Pat don't get to it before I wake up, I'm usually checking all day long. Don't worry, you will be approved in plenty of time to enter the contest :)

Ronald Stewart's picture

I couldn't get the tag to work so should I just "share" the image with the group so it will show up in the timeline?

You should be ok. We're going to make sure we look carefully to see all entries. We understand the tagging is proving hard for some.