[Contest] Win a Tamron 18-270mm Di II VC Lens

[Contest] Win a Tamron 18-270mm Di II VC Lens

Only a few days remain if you want to win the Tamron 18-270mm Di II VC PZD lens for Sony, Canon or Nikon crop-sensor mount (winner's choice) worth $649! Got a full frame camera? That's ok! If you win, you can opt for the 28-300mm Di VC model.

What is most exciting about this lens is that it is equipped with Tamron's powerful Vibration Compensation technology. If you recall, we're huge fans of this tech because of the effect it has on video. Even my notoriously shaky hands can produce beautiful results with Tamron VC. Now this lens can find it's way into your camera bag, and entering couldn't be more simple.

In order to win, you have to be a fan of Fstoppers on Facebook.

Not yet one of our 32,600 fans? Here's how you enter:

1) Head on over to Facebook and make sure you're a fan: facebook.com/thefstoppers
2) Find the contest link. It's right below our Timeline image:

3) Click it, answer one simple question, and that's it!

Already one of our many fans? Awesome. Entering is super easy for ya:

1) Click here.
2) Answer one simple question, and that's it!

We'll draw a random winner on April 17, so make sure you've entered before then.

If you have any questions, sound off in the comments section below.

Good luck!

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RUSS's picture

Why is it i have to install an app to participate?
 Blahhhhh, keep the lens. i got enough crap on my computer already.


RUSS's picture

Install is the wrong word choice, my mistake.
ALLOW the app to access my friends list and whatever else etc. I don't want anyone or anything accessing my stuff. That's all.i am a little paranoid on that so I avoid it.

Patrick Hall's picture

I'm always puzzled when people think that setting privacy settings at this point in Facebook's life is preventing the paranoia....you gotta either go 100% facebook or No Facebook at all.  Goes with Google as well :)

Yeah they already have your information. No such thing as privacy anymore...

I think people have a problem with allowing the apps to access your information.  I may be understanding this incorrectly, but the maker of the app can track all of your online activity/do god-knows-what with your friends' list and their activity.  We all know FB already has that information, but we're wary of giving it away to private parties (i.e. "allow this app to access your information") as well.

RUSS's picture

No thanks. Not interested.:-)

Sorry, Facebook rules for contests are pretty strict. In this case, we like to color inside the lines :)

Is this open to non-U.S. based fans as well?

I bloody hope so! I entered :)

i dont think so

JimmySchaefer's picture

I've actually never shot one of these lenses let alone seen one. It would be nice to win only a few days after my birthday. good luck to everyone. 

I would not recommend this lens. Very soft. Clearly made for amateurs.

Patrick Hall's picture

it's obviously not a 2.8 lens but it is a great lens for travel or as a one size fits all hand holdable video lens.  So many people think they need a fast lens for studio work only to then shoot at f8-16 the whole time....it's a free contest, you can't hate too much

Well its President Putin, he doesnt know anything but hate! 

I like free... 

RUSS's picture

To all those interested in winning it, at the worst, you could sell it on ebay for a couple hundred bucks.

It's the best light travel and adventure daytime lens!
When my back is aching from all the gear I'm carrying on hours/days worth of trip in the mountains, including climbing gear and such, I'm dreaming of pairing one of these with my D7000 for stills and video and exclude the need for other lenses and even a tripod. 
(that is if I'm eligible for winnig outside the US, that is :)) ) Check this out for illustrating similar cases:http://vimeo.com/36375142 ;)

It would be nice if the button on the contest page actually worked...

Are you having problems? I just tested it and it works fine. 

is there any promotion or sharing we need to do in facebook about the contest ??
to improve our winning possibilities??

Nope, this contest does not have that option. It's just one entry per person :)

Is this contest open to UK residents ?

okay thank you:)

Today is the day! :) Btw the winner of this contest will not lose the chance to win Camera Contest right?

You guys are just awesome, Fstoppers Rules! :)

If I win this I will keep it..  thank you fstoppers..!!

When are you announcing the winner? Love the site guys, keep it up!

awaiting for the winner to be announced..i would be great if i'm the winner..bcoz it will be useful for my future studies..thanks for fstoppers for conducting great contest...:)