The Fstoppers 72 Hour Photoshop Contest, Prove Your Skills

On Wednesday we are giving away an iPad to a random Twitter follower but this contest is all about skill. Patrick Hall did an incredible photoshoot for the next Fstoppers Original BTSV (which should be released soon) and he has a ton of great wakeboarding pictures with tremendous potential. The rules could not be easier: simply download this high res image, edit it any way you like, and then post it here on our forum by Thursday at midnight eastern time. On Friday, Patrick will choose his favorite edit.

The winner of this contest will receive a Think Tank Photo Urban Disguise 35 camera bag and the chance to be a part of the next FS Original Video. Due to shipping costs, the bag can only be shipped to a North American address.

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I think you need to edit your post and image to let your viewers know that the bag does not include anything other than the bag itself.... Could I be wrong in thinking I get everything else?

Patrick Hall's picture

Aight guys, I have never opened up a working session to the public before so I hope you guys are up for the task. The obvious edit is to remove the ropes and go pretty conservative but I want to see what you real photoshop wizards can do beyond that too. Feel free to add more water, different backgrounds, vectors, etc, etc. Good luck, I just recently changed my bags to Think Tank so I know the winner is going to dig the Urban Disguise!

this looks fun!

This is the only image of the bag that is currently available. Please note, that the winner gets the bag only and not a bag full of gear :)

Right up my alley. I shoot/edit action sports all the time. Gonna be a fun one!

I'd like to see what your edit of the photo looks like too once the contest is over :P

I assume someone from outside the US is good to enter the contest as long as they can provide an american address to ship to?

@ John, yes that is fine, we just can't mail it over seas.

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Honestly, I think that the bag only was pretty easy to get... The winner of this contest will receive a Think Tank Photo Urban Disguise 35 camera bag

:) :) :)

sorry guys but I won't participate on this one... Good luck to all!

Patrick Hall's picture

I hope everyone realizes I'm probably going to pick the most commercial looking image....that being said, some of these are hilarious!

It be cool if the winner could then make a video of how they did it.