Fstoppers Contest: Win A Free Pass To Gulf Photo Plus London 2013

Fstoppers Contest:  Win A Free Pass To Gulf Photo Plus London 2013

One of the most exciting things about our industry is being able to meet other talented photographers and talk shop. Lee and I recently attended Gulf Photo Plus 2013 out in Dubai, and we were able to meet photographers from literally all over the world. GPP has decided to take their workshop to London, and they are bringing four of their most sought after instructors with them. On September 28th and 29th, Joe McNally, David Hobby, Gregory Heisler, and Zach Arias will check their bags for the United Kingdom....and one lucky reader of Fstoppers could head out there with them. Full details below.

The kind folks over at Gulf Photo Plus have teamed up with Fstoppers once again to offer one lucky reader a free weekend pass to the entire PopUP GPP London workshop. If you don't remember, a few months ago we sent a luck winner all the way to Dubai for a full 8 days of workshops. This time you will have to make it to London but if you are the winner, you can attend the entire 2 day event for free (a $449 value). This means you get to pick the workshops you want to hang out in or you can even stop by all of them and take in the whole experience.

For all the details about where everything is happening and the class schedule, head over to the Gulf Photo Plus London page below.

gpp london contest

We try to make all our contests easy for everyone to enter. You can enter this contest both through Twitter or by leaving a comment directly below this post. Feel free to enter both ways to increase your chances of winning.

Fstoppers.com - Simply leave a short one sentence comment below that explains why you should attend GPP in London. It's that simple

Twitter - Follow both @fstoppers and @gulfphotoplus on twitter and retweet the following message: "Follow @fstoppers and @gulfphotoplus for a chance to win a photography pass to Gulf Photo Plus London http://bit.ly/17XsikJ #gpplondon"

All tweets and comments must be posted by Tuesday night, Sept 10th, before Midnight Eastern Time. We will announce the winner on Wednesday the 11th so the winner has time to work out travel and accommodations.

This contest is open to everyone world wide and anyone of any age can enter. I have no doubt you will have a killer weekend experience if you win this contest. Even if you do not win, if you are in Europe or can afford to fly to London, it would be worth attending just to pick the minds of these four great photographers. Hearing Gregory Heisler's hilarious photography stories in Dubai will always be a memory I will never forget.

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Cause I wanna get drunk on that side with them dudes...simple

So Zach can morph my OM-D into a X100s and David the Strobist can convert my Metz flash gun into a light show.

I was stuck in a culture where travel wasn't permitted. So I have never travelled further than 3 provinces here in canada. It would be a breath of fresh air to see the world.

Heisler, McNally, Hobby, Arias - what better reasons could there be?

"Take care of all your memories, for you cannot relive them." - Bob Dylan

Patrick Hall's picture

Ha, this is the quote I use on my wedding site. Awesome to see someone else using it....Dylan rocks!

This would redefine my life of imagination.

Inspirational, man. Good luck! Hope you get it! P.S. Your work is amazing! You deserve this.

Wow, thank you so much! I would just love to learn from these pros.

its Hobby's farewell tour, of sorts.

I have been against all predictions invested my money in starting a new photography company and quit my day job. Obviously, it is not easy in the beginning of his career to afford further training but it is now you need it.

It would personally give me plenty to go on such an event!

I am a U.S. Navy photographer. I'm about to be stationed in Sicily. The trip to London would be a great opportunity to start my tour overseas by learning from the best there is.
The training could help me in my naval career. Thank you!

You guys get all the good postings.

You get to go to all the cool secret places with ComCam

See you there, im already booked on.

Last winter I was ready to fly to London for a workshop, booked the flight, the bus and everything I needed in advance, but 2 hours before the flight I was told to go to an interview for a job (the job of my life, that's what I thought). So I canceled my trip to London, and eventually didn't get the job.

This would be a dream to dive in with those super sharks of photography..

This would be great i love london

Matt Kozovski's picture

This would be fantastic. I'm already scheduled to head out there on Oct 1st and this would be a great excuse to head there early!

No travel or lodging expenses? Bummer!

Patrick Hall's picture

Yeah I know, but this one is catered more for the European fans where travel is easier. GPP was awesome to give away a full pass and accommodations to Dubai with us supplying the flight. Hope these contests become a common occurrence

Well, if GPP decides to do Charleston, then it's just a two hour drive for me.

Because I feel the need for shutterspeed

Please pick me! I am new to serious photography. I have great gear and this would be the jump start of all jump starts!

Lloyd Grace's picture

I need to go because I've got four empty spots in my brain just waiting for them to fill with info!

It would be an epic that mortals shall sing of for months (until the next one).

Meeting Joe Mc Nally and Zack Arias, that's why I want to win this, simples!

There's so MUCH more I can learn from this workshop and culture. Just what my life needs.

I want to come to GPP London because I want to learn new skills from some of the best in the business!

I would like to attend to get the chance to take my photography skills from amatuer to pro.

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