Profoto is Giving Away Tons of Stuff From Now Until December

Profoto is Giving Away Tons of Stuff From Now Until December

I just got notified of a rather extensive contest that Profoto is putting on, who are releasing prizes every month from now until December. Many of you might be happy to hear that the contest isn't based on random drawings, but instead is a photo contest that asks you to submit your best photo that follows different themes. June's theme is "The First Kiss."

The full rundown of prizes and themes can be seen here:

profoto contest weddings

You can enter their contest on Profoto's Facebook page.

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Seems to be open to U.S. residents only - at least I see a message about the Facebook app not being available in my country, and that I am sharing my data with Profoto USA and not Facebook.

Mike Last's picture

Collect votes from your friends.. aka Facebook popularity contest. Not based on actual skill for the monthly contest, just the final. Nice prize list though.

Softbox? Reflector? Come on... Grand price is interesting.

Tony Guillaro's picture

All weddings besides one... Smh

Photo contest might be a big word.... the monthly winners are by public vote - so it's the usual stuff of spam and most friends more than it's photography :(

I hate these 'popularity contests'