We Have 1000 Followers On Twitter: 7D/D300s Contest Is On The Way

I am happy to say that today we reached 1000 followers on Twitter and that means we can finally begin our contest. Please give us a few more days to film the video explaining all of the details of the contest. We cannot give out too much information yet but I will say that it has something to do with the best behind the scenes video. The exciting thing about this contest is that we may not have many entries because we aren't very big yet. This means that if you do decide to submit, you have a very good chance of winning. Get your creative juices flowing, this contest will be underway soon.

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Awesome I can't wait, hopefully it will not be equipment limiting, can I make a video from a pack of post it notes

Of course some gear will be needed but we are not going to be judging this thing on who has the most expensive gear. It is going to be about creativity

Looking forward how the contest will evolve...

greetz domi

Will this contest be worldwide or limited to the US only?