Winner of the Custom USB Unique Wedding Contest

Winner of the Custom USB Unique Wedding Contest

Sorry for the delay in making this announcement everyone, but we have a winner! It was a closely fought contest that had oscillated among leaders, but in the end 32% of you chose the very unique and quite spectacular image from Linhbergh Weddings! Great job, I'll bet the client was very happy.

Congratulations Linhbergh Weddings! You get a set of custom USB drives to give to your clients (a far better solution than CDs). To claim your prize, send me an email at

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Sean Shimmel's picture

That dreamy overexposure with the slightest peppering of punchy blacks... magically right.

Mike Kelley's picture

Cool shot...over Sepulveda at LAX?

How the hell did this overexposed, washy, poorly composed picture get the votes?? May as well put a piece of white paper in front of the camera, it's that similar. Oh wait... must be bandwagoning social media groupies...

If you're popular enough on facebook, you can win anything. This shot is plain rubbish. Give the prize to someone who knows how to shoot a decent photo.

Haters gon hate

Anthony Chopin's picture

Which shot was your choice? Just as a matter of interest

Dragan Jereminov's picture

this would be great photo if the piramidal object had been removed via ps and the part of the small structure on the right, also it should be 2:3 crop not this 4:3 IMHO. I did not enter or saw other entries but i suppose there were better shoots than this