Winner Of Last Months Photoshop Contest And The Start Of The Next

A few days ago we finished up another Fstoppers Photoshop Contest and I am happy to announce that Billy Coker won with his hilarious, and extremely well executed, edit of Patrick's basketball image. We were by no means expecting to pick a "funny" edit but we honestly felt that this edit had the most creativity and raw Photoshop skill.

It's time to start the next contest but I couldn't figure out what image to Photoshop so I am reaching out to all of you. If you have an image that you think has great Photoshop potential post it here on our forum. In 3 days I will pick my favorite image to begin the next contest.

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Well deserved winner! A league above the rest of us!


A clever/comical combination. Well thought out and simplified to express a clear point, without excess visual stimuli. Well done, and well deserved.

Good work..

Hilarious. Great job.

Shannon Wimberly's picture

NICE.... definitely deserves the honor.. clever!