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Landscape Photography

With Elia Locardi
Submit your best landscape photos for a chance to win a free Fstoppers tutorial.
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Lee and Patrick are currently traveling the world filming a new landscape photography tutorial with Elia Locardi. This offers us an excellent opportunity to put Elia on camera and critique your landscape photos. 

Elia Locardi has been traveling the world, shooting landscapes, and educating photographers for over six years in dozens of different countries. We are giving the Fstoppers community a chance to get their images in front of Elia and receive some feedback. We invite you to submit up to two of your best landscape images below. In addition to entering to be a part of the episode, you may also win one of two Fstoppers original tutorials which we will give away. The first tutorial will be given to the image that receives the highest rating from the rest of the community. The second tutorial will go to a randomly selected entrant. Once you've uploaded your pictures, we invite you to scroll through the rest of the images and give your own thoughts and ratings to your fellow community members. 

  • Submission Deadline: Fri, 27 Apr 18 03:45:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

  • Voting is closed.

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  • Congratulations to the winners!

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Previous comments

I believe you're overthinking things. Making it mandatory to comment will only drive participation down, it's a barrier of entry to those who only have time or energy to give the gallery a quick look.

But it drives up the quality of the voting. Quality, no quantity is what is needed.

This site is already filled up with people who are very good at what they do, so it's to be expected that at least a reasonable portion of the votes come from respectable sources. Forcing comments along with votes would just stop a majority of people from voting altogether. I think it falls on who took the photo to earn the comments, not the other way around.

Do you believe that a picture taken on a tripod, with long exposure, polariser and 10 stop neutral density filter is a snap shot??? It looks that some people around here do believe...
Definately could be a 2 but people voting 1....

This isn't a site for quality feedback, sadly. The owners are too hands off and indifferent.

Lee/Patrick are pretty busy right this second, I'm assuming. If you want real feedback and help. I'd suggest posting in the community groups. Granted they are certainly a little less active than this contest, they still have great information. It's a little harsh to jump to conclusions of "The owners are indifferent."

I've been spending a lot of time responding to people's photos. Especially when asked. I think people are taking the grading system to heart. Yes, people are trolling and voting 1's. However, the "best" photos average out to be higher up.

So knowing that, just assume your work can always use improvements and know that 1's for anything that you know isn't a snapshot are just trolls.

Also for me, not all "2's" are even close to the same. Sometimes I rate really good quality photos a 2 because I think they need work. Sometimes I give photos that honestly could be snapshots a 2 just because the person put effort into composition/subject.

Photography is subjective, no need to take it personally.

Battle Of The Snapshots! LOL

It is time to get a thicker skin, a bunch of crying babies here. Please take criticism like a man or a bad rating like a man. Yes a picture taken with a tripod, polarizer and ned can still look like a snap sot in essence, I am not talk about any photo specifically but what I am saying is that you guys entered a picture in a contest where other contestants are going to vote and comment, so be prepared to get a inferable critic or a bad score and look more inwardly and outwardly and your photos in time will get better. If you guys are taken pictures to be praised by other people you are in for the wrong reason.

I think there is a difference between receiving actual criticism and having all your photos be rated a 1.

I agree people shouldn't take this stuff seriously on something like that. But I also don't fault people, especially those trying to gain confidence in their work, by being a little taken back by constant 1's.

I don't think people getting an honest score is a problem, no one should have a problem with that.
But hey, it's the internet, things always have a habit of going sideways.
I do think if the ratings weren't anon it would reign in some of the shenanigans.

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