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3.11 - "Solid" 

Taken before 2017's devastating Columbia River Gorge forest fire, started by teenagers throwing firecrackers into brush less than a mile from this site. This area is now closed to the public and likely will be for a few years to come.

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This is irrelevant in terms of critique but the rocks at the bottom kinda remind me of taking a photo of a pattern of rocks and stretching it realllllllyyyy long/weird to distort it. Maybe it's just me! lol

Yeah the rocks are probably distorted by both the water and the wide angle lens (especially in the corners).

I liked this shot because of the rocks actually. You can't tell from the image but the stream is actually moving at a pretty decent clip. Shooting the scene at 30s was unusually effective with making the surface glassy smooth and clear - usually you get fog-like artifacts and such. I did set the camera up only a few inches above the water line, so perhaps that helped somehow.

I didn't even noticed that, now I can't stop seeing it :(

A while back one person thought they were lily pads.

Ah well. I thought the 2-D effect was unusual and interesting. FYI this was a single capture and the way the rocks appear is how it looks in the unaltered RAW file (not that I am morally against experimenting with post-process trickery on images, this one just happens to be pretty close to SOOC).

Yeah I believe ya it's not altered. :)

Lovely shot, I would have perhaps made slightly more of the rocks and lost some of the clipped sky.

Thanks! In hindsight I would have liked to try moving the composition down a bit to capture more of the rocks, although you risk clipping too many of the trees and making the space above the waterfall look cramped.

This was one of those non-ideal moments where I was with friends and had a very limited time to get the shot before having to turn back. It would have been nice to play with the composition a bit more and perhaps wade in a little further to get closer to the inlet.

I love the bottom half of your image! It is a solid image largely due to the angle.

Also with shooting at a wide-angle that low distorts the rocks in a interesting way making the rocks in the image viewed as anamorphic objects. But chances are as a landscape photograph not to sure how that would work, because normally a person isn't viewing it at the side. Interesting none-the-less!

What I can't get over with the image is the bottom is so beautiful, but then you have a pure white sky, it is a bit distracting.